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Decar portable hydraulic scissor car lift DK-40B for sale
Car Lifts
3950 USD
Our Company Description We are the leading manufacturer specialized in manufacturing TIRE CHANGER,WHEL BALANCER,CAR LIFT and WHEEL ALIGNER in China with the experience of more than 15 years manufacturing according to the ISO9001 and CE. Decar factory.jpg
China supplier offer the factory price of the scissor car lift TC990B
Tire Changers
2800 USD
1. THE SPECIFICATIONS Model TC990B Operating Pressure 130-150 bar Max. Wheel Diameter 2300 mm Max. Wheel Width 1100 mm Max. Wheel Weight 1800KG Noise Level <75dB Rim Diameter 14" to 42" With Extension Jaws(Optional) 42" to 56" Hydraulic Pump Motor 1.5k
DECAR V3DII high precision used wheel alignment machine
Wheel Alignment
4500 USD
DECAR Utilizing patented imaging technology, the V3DII provides accurate, real-time measurements - reducing setup and measurement times while generating serious productivity benefits. Matched with easy-to-use software, the DK-V3DI wheel aligner will have y
Hunter wheel alignment model V3DI for sale
Wheel Alignment
3986 USD
1.4 wheel alignment machine main technical data: Item Accuracy Range Front wheel Toe �1' �2.6� Camber �3' �10� Caster �3' �20� SAI �3' �20� Set back �1' �10� Rear wheel Toe �1' �2.6� Camber �1' �10� Thrust-angl
DK-V3DIII higher precision wheel alignment machine
Wheel Alignment
5698 USD
Specification Item Accuracy Range Front wheel Toe �1' �2.6� Camber �3' �10� Caster �3' �20� SAI �3' �20� Set back �1' �10� Rear wheel Toe �1' �2.6� Camber �1' �10� Thrust-angle �1' �10� Feature 1. John B
DECAR DK-35F4 hydraulic 4 post car lift
Car Lifts
2156 USD
Specification Model DK-35F4 Capacity(kg) 3500kg Lift height(mm) 1800mm Power supply(v) 380V/220V Motor power(kw) 2.2kw Rise /Drop time(s) 60/50 Main feature 1.Insurance 2.Insurance joystick 3.SS400 international standard 4mm open flat c
Automotive scissor car lift equipment for sale DK-30S
Car Lifts
1265 USD
Technical data Model DK-30S Capacity(kg) 3500kg Rise/ Drop time(s) 60/45 Lift height(mm) 2130mm(traver route) Platform length(optional) 1550mm-1750mm(optional) Platform width(mm) 550mm Min height(mm) 330mm Power supply(v) 380V/220V Motor power(kw) 2.2k
Cheap TC910 tire changing tools for motorcycle
Tire Changers
592 USD
Model TC910 Rim Clamping from Outside 6" to 24" Rim Clamping from Inside 12" to 21" Max. Wheel Diameter 960mm Wheel Width 3"-12" Operating Pressure 8-10bar Motor Power 0.75/1.1kw Noise Level <75dB
CE DECAR TC930IT new arrival used tire changer machine for sale
Tire Changers
896 USD
1. Beautiful shape 2. Adopt the high-quality that is firm and durable 3. The pedal is for mounting and demounting tire easily. 4. Convenient and safe to operate; high speed and efficiency 5. Precision and stability of changing tire 6.Low noise, low power
High quality TC980L used tire changer machine
Tire Changers
5012 USD
a.Double-bending techniques, 5mm steel board-made column ensures handling tires in high intensity. b.The pedal has step function, which can install the fire accurately and time saving c.IT model with the quick inflation device improves the inflation
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