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Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Super Hard Tools Co.,Ltd is one professional technological enterprise engaged in developing,producing,selling and servicing ultra hard products.Based on the hardware of importing more machines from EWAG,Wendt,DMG,Coborn and so on,we own professional technical team and customized for you. Zhongyuan Super Hard Tools Co.,Ltd is mainly supply these products as follows:PCBN Tools,PCD Tools,Naural Diamond Tools,PDC Cutters for oil/gas/coal mining,pdc drill bits,resin bond tools,electroplating tools,metal bond tools, cutting discs,Diamond/CBN powder,grinding machine and others. Our company is a group of experienced engineers,sale person,workers .Believe that our professionalism, integrity can provide you with quality services. Choose us, we will be better to do! We supply these products as follows, 1.PCBN series tools(cbn inserts,solid cbn,cbn tools etc) 2.PCD series tools(pcd inserts,pcd reamers,milling cutter,face cutters etc) 3.Natural single crystal diamond tools,ND inserts,SCD inserts 4.PDC Cutters for oil/gas/coal mining,pdc drill bits 5.Resin/Metal/Electroplating bond tools(such as cutting blades,grinding wheels12V9,11V9,14A1,3A1 and so on ) 6.Diamond/CBN powder 7.Grinding machine 8.Nuts shell abrasives 9.OEM service 10.Market:United States,Thailand, India,Malaysia,Korea,Japan,Germany,Argentina, Canada ,France,Turkey,South Aferica,Russia,Italy etc 11.Payment way:T/T,Western Union,Money Gram 12.Transport way:International express such as SF,UPS,TNT,DHL,Fedex,DPex,EMS etc. 13.Port :Shanghai,Beijing,Hongkong 14.Skype:nina-superhardtools 15.InternationalQQ:1912337285(chatting tool)
Company Products
OFEX pcd inserts for composite materials
Tool Sets
Application: for processing composite materials such as wind turbine blades of wind powered electircity generation. .Transport way:International express such as SF,UPS,TNT,DHL,Fedex,DPex,EMS etc .Port:Shanghai,Beijing,Hongkong
ND SCD natural diamond milling tools
Machine Tools
300 USD
ND natural diamond milling cutters 1.Application:widely used on carving machine and high finishing machine. 2.We also supply ND chamfer milling cutters,ND inserts and others. for non-standard,we do as the drawing 3.Delivery time:3-10days
Resin bond diamond grinding wheels
Abrasive Tools
80 USD
Models:4B2,14U1,9A3,12C9,11E9,12V9,11V9,4A2,12A2-45,12A2-20,11A2,6A2,1FF1,14A1,3A1,1A1,1A1R,1A8 etc. Mesh:from 80 mesh-5000mesh
PCD motor commutator cutter tools
Machine Tools
65 USD
1.used for processing motor commutators [email protected]
PCD acrylic polishing cutting tools
Machine Tools
60 USD
PCD acrylic polishing cutting tools 1.Application: such as PC, PET, glass fiber, carbon fiber, nonferrous metal and acrylic etc. [email protected]
PCD stone engraving carving cutters for marble granite
Machine Tools
70 USD
PCD stone engraving carving cutter for marble granite 1.usage:engraving and carving kinds of stone 2.Skype:nina-superhardtools [email protected]
DFT06T305 PCD drilling inserts for wind turbine
Machine Tools
170 USD
1.DFT06T305 PCD drilling inserts for wind turbine [email protected] 3.Model:DFT090508,DFT090504,WCGX06T0308,SEGX120420 etc
PCD step reamers
Machine Tools
380 USD
PCD step reamers for machining engines and brake 1. Application:used to precisely process work pieces of various material, such as copper, aluminum, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, tungsten carbide and composite material. [email protected]
HELL OHIO Machine Diamond engraving stylus
Machine Tools
170 USD
HELL OHIO Machine Diamond engraving stylus condition of dust-free to work for 200hours 2.Angles NO.:110 115 120 125 130 135 140 [email protected]
PCD, PCBN, CVD, tungsten, carbide tools grinding machine
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
65888 USD
1.used for grinding pcd, cbn, cvd, carbide tools and others 2.Weight:2000kg 3.Overall Dimensions L-W-H:1700-1150-1970mm 4.Changeable Clearance Angle:-5degrees to 25 degrees 5.Delivery time: 45 work days
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