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Mist Eliminator is a kind of separation devices with high efficiency, used throughout all kinds of process industries, to remove liquid droplets from gas and/or vapour streams. Usage: Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, pharmacy, environment protection, light industry, etc. Mist eliminator is mainly used to eliminate mist droplets as small as 5 microns. Features: Simple structure with light weight, less pressure drop and big surface, high removal efficiency, convenient for installation, operation and maintenance, long service life. Boegger Industrial Limited as one leading supplier and manufacturer of mist eliminators is located in Anping, China. With the advanced equipment and latest technology, we supply all kinds of mist eliminators, such as oil mist eliminators, oil mist filter, chrome mist eliminator, mesh pad mist eliminators, fiber bed mist eliminators, mist eliminator pads and so on.
Company Products
Mist eliminator filter
Barbed Wire
Mist eliminator filter can be available in aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel. The mist eliminator filter is designed to remove oil mist and water droplets from the air. If there is any need please contact us via [email protected]
Oil Mist Eliminators
Barbed Wire
Oil Mist Eliminators or filter out oil mist created by machines before the mist is expelled into the ambient environment. If there is any need please contact us at [email protected]
Pad Mist Eliminators
Barbed Wire
Pad Mist Eliminator or mesh mist eliminator pads Has support grids at the top and bottom. Pad mist eliminator applications require special consideration to assure the removal of entrained moisture in the effluent gas stream.
Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators
Barbed Wire
Fiber bed mist eliminators are made out of dense layers of micron size fibers placed between two concentric cylindrical cages. Fiber bed mist eliminators can meet a wide range of application and industry requirements. And fiber bed mist eliminators are ava
Mist Eliminator
Barbed Wire
Mist eliminator with the features of high collection efficiency, lowest installed cost, low pressure drop and fast delivery is available in virtually any size and shape, in a broad range of metals or plastics, individual styles.
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