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Country Germany
Address Nurnberg, Allersberger Str 185
Phone/Fax +4991139209727/+4991139209729
We have a passion for quality and bringing enjoyment to life, whilst respecting individuals, society and the planet. Our company strategy is driven by six carefully thought through business priorities. Ultimately, our people implement them and our values set the boundaries. We aim to be a leading Infant Milk and Drinks Supplier in all of the markets where we operate and to have the world�s most prominent Supply portfolio. Our management structure sets our agenda and priorities and defines how we will work around the world..
Company Products
Baby Food
10 USD, 09 EUR
All available for sales in stock, delivery mmediately Aptamil Kindermilch 3 -stage 3 (800g) - Origin country: 100% origin straight from Germany - Net weight: Stage 1 : 800 grams, 4pcs per carton Stage 2-3: 800 grams, 6pcs per carton
ORDER NOW Energy drink 250ml manufactured from Austria
Energy Drinks
13 USD, 12 EUR
Austria Original Energy Drink 250 ml can, fresh production. Logistic: 24 cans x 108 cases x 32 pallets. Original Energy Drink Red / Blue / Silver / Extra Packing: 24 x 250 ml 32 pallets in 40 ft container / 26 pallets per 20 ft container 108 trays in e
Lager beer
09 USD, 08 EUR
Item: Holland Lager Beer / Dutch Beer Size: 250ml and 330ml Bottles Packaging: 24 x 330ml Bottles per Case Origin: Holland Please contact us for more details on this product and any beer product you might need.
Kronenbourg 1664 blanc beer in blue 25cl and 33cl bottles and 500cl Cans
08 USD, 07 EUR
I am pleased to offer Holland No. 1 Beer Brand Cans and Bottles 330ml (Made in Holland) on EXW Rotterdam Bond Warehouse (T1 Status) as follows: Beer 24x330mlCANS. 25 pallets x 99 cartons x 24 cans of 330ml. Maximum load of 2475 cases per 40ft. dry co
Red Cap Nestle Nido Milk from Holland
Baby Food
04 USD, 03 EUR
available grade A NIDO NESTLE baby formula for sale to home and foreign markets feel free to contact us for more information RED CAP AND TRANSPARENT CAP MULTI TEXT LANGUAGES ON TINS Typical Chemical and Physical Analysis Moisture 3.0 % max AS2300.1
Mellin baby milk powder from Danone
Baby Food
13 USD, 12 EUR
- Infant formula of premium quality - Suitable for age group 0-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months - Formula contains DHA and AA - Infant formula of premium quality - Suitable for age group 0-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months - Formula contains DHA and AA - S
BEST PRICE Nutella 52g 350g 400g 600g 750g 800g
03 USD, 02 EUR
Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread 350g Chocolate-hazelnut spread Nutella. Content: 350g Other availbale contents: 230g, 630g Fresh production Deutsch and English text
Cow and Gate Infant Milk Powder 1 2 3 , 900g
Baby Food
10 USD, 09 EUR
We have cow & gate milk powder available for 0-6 months babies, 6-12 months(weaning), 12+ months toddlers and a variety of special milks for babies 0-12months old. Contacts us if you interested in purchasing this top quality but affordable baby+infant mil
Aptamil, Nutrilon, Hipp, Cerelac, Bebelac Infant Milk Powder
Baby Food
10 USD, 09 EUR
Aptamil milk powder for all stages. Aptamil Milk Powder Aptamil pre mit pronutra anfangsmilch = 800g Aptamil pronutra 1 milchnahrung = 800g Aptamil 2 mit pronutra folgemilch = 800g Aptamil 3 mit pronutra folgemilch = 800g Milupa aptamil kindermilch 1
Ferrero Rocher T30 Chocolate
03 USD, 02 EUR
We are able to supply all Ferrero Riocher range from Poland and Italy If you need further information feel free to contact usn via skype at jassen.gmbh1
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