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Kongba Community Gold Mines Limited, incorporated on August 25, 1987, is a gold and diamond-mining and exploration company. The Company has operations in Liberia and South Africa. In Liberia the Company’s operations are focused on Mining, as well as the Gold. Kongba Community Gold Mines Limited operates nine underground mines in Liberia, one open-pit mine and several surface operations. These operations include the Hidden Valley open-pit gold and silver mine, the Gbarpolu project and significant exploration tenements. In addition to its joint venture work, Kongba Community also has a 100%-owned exploration portfolio that focuses on prospective areas in Liberia. The Gbarpolu project is a differentiating feature for Kongba. This project is one of the gold, diamond porphyries in Liberia with an expected life-span of approximately 40 years. It has a diameter of approximately 600 meters and a proven depth of approximately 1,700 meters. The Company’s exploration programmed is focused in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Its exploration strategy targets significant prospective geological regions in these countries to discover gold, diamond, gold ore bodies. An aim of this strategy is to create an exploration portfolio that includes several Communities exploration. Gbarpolu District exploration allows it to maximize value from existing infrastructure by developing mineral districts that sustain its operations. Kongba exploration, on the other hand, allows it to create opportunities in under-explored mineral provinces and emerging gold districts. The Company’s geological features of exploration areas Liberia include Hidden Valleys, have epithermal gold deposits that are shallow, or close to the earth’s surface. Gbarpolu is a porphyry system which is deeper and contains gold. A number of other gold and diamond prospects are at various stages of exploration and evaluation across Kongba Community lease areas. Liberia includes all of the Company’s underground mines in the Gbarpolu District. Most of these are found in the southwestern corner of the Gbarpolu District or Free State goldfields, which comprise sedimentary rocks that are deep and extend for hundreds of kilometers. The Company’s has a project portfolio in both established mineral provinces and emerging gold and Diamond districts covering an area of approximately 3,182 square kilometers. The Kongba Community Gold Mines Limited package is a strategic holding. During fiscal 2012, the Company spent approximately 4 million (US$4 million) on exploration in the area. Hidden Valley operations include Kongba Districts exploration to discover new high-grade deposits. These discoveries utilize Gbarpolu District infrastructure and increase the capital utilization and efficiency. Continue low cost mapping and sampling areas to generate drill targets for evaluation. The Company Greenfields evaluation continues to develop geological understanding of the geology and mineralization of the Gbarpolu District.
Company Products
Gold Bar
Other Metals & Metal Products
30000 USD
Commodity: Aurum Utalium (AU) Form: Dore Bars Purity: 96.8% Quality: 22+ carats Origin: Liberia. Packing: In Treasure Metal Boxes Location: Liberia, West Africa. DELIVERY TERMS: CIF / FOB
Precious Stones
800 USD
Product: 79 CARATS Rough (Uncut) Diamonds 1) Form: Rough Stones 2) Clarity: correct like minimum value and vvs1-2 like maximum value. 3) Color: Pure White D-E-F-G 4) Origin: Liberian 5) Packing: Parcel
Gold Jewelry
30000 USD
Commodity: Aurum Utalium (AU) Form: Dore Bars of 1kg each Quantity: Upon Demand (Please contact Us) Purity: 96.8% Quality: 22+ carats Origin: Liberia. Packing: In Treasure Metal Boxes Location: Liberia, West Africa. DELIVERY TERMS: CIF / FOB
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