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The predecessor is invested and technology supported by Germany DIBETTER international electric appliance Co., LTD. We adopts the most advanced equipment from Germany,the products manufactured in strict accordance with the German standards. With the most advanced multi-function laboratory to keep high performance products,most of parts are produced by ourselves to keep good quality and fast delivery time. Since the high quality products,competitive price and the fast delivery time, We have been exporting many of our products to more than 50 countries and regions in the world. Our main products included: 1)Swimming pool heat pump(35-40℃),55-60℃is available 2)Air source heat pump(55-60℃) 3)High temperature heat pump(70-75℃) 4)EVI type heat pump(Workable at -25℃) 5)Air cooled water chiller 6)Water cooled water chiller(Water/Ground source heat pump) 7)Multi-function heat pump,etc.... We have obtained the certificates of ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,CE,RoHs,CB,SAA,SASO,CCC,Energy-Saving products,High-New Technology enterprise etc.
Company Products
Commercial air source heat pump,DBT-18W
Refrigeration & Heat Exchange
1450 USD
1. Hot water(55 degree) can be provided directly&constantly. 2.Multiple protection function:High pressure,low pressure,overheating,overload anti- freezing,phase sequence,discharge temperature,suction temperature and so on. 3.All weather operation
EVI heat pump,DBT-18WL
Refrigeration & Heat Exchange
1600 USD
1.Hot water ( 55° C ) an be provided constantly even ambient temperature down to -25° C. 2.All weather operation: stable operation without being influenced by weather.  3.Metal case and sus304# stainless steel case are available.
Stainless steel swimming pool heat pump,DBT-24SP
Refrigeration & Heat Exchange
1300 USD
1.World famous brand compressor, 4-way valve, motor, PCB, heat ex-changer, Emerson ALCO expansion valve used to ensure top quality an high efficiency(energy-saving as much as 75%). 2.Refrigerant of r22, r407c, r134a are for optional.
High temperature heat pump,DBT-12WH
Refrigeration & Heat Exchange
1250 USD
1.Hot water(75 degree) can be provided directly&constantly. 2.Patent mixed refrigerant using for high temperature &high pressure system. 3.Convenient:Intelligent microprocessor with touch screen display. Trouble shoot on display board automatically.
Ground &Water source heat pump,DBT-25GS
Refrigeration & Heat Exchange
1900 USD
1.Using renewable energy: getting energy from land or water, without any effect from climate, super COP,decrease electric comsumption to protect our earth. 2. Water flow switch equiped for water flow protection. 3.Automatically defrosting function included
Multi-function Heat Pump,5.0HR
Refrigeration & Heat Exchange
600 USD
1.Using complete free hot water when the unit is operating at cooling model,super energy-saving and environment protection. 2.Five models are available,Hot water,Heating,Hot water+heating,Cooling+Hot water,Cooling.
Air cooled water chiller,DBT-15.0H
Refrigeration & Heat Exchange
1600 USD
1.World famous brand compressor are adopted ( Copeland , HITACHI, Sanyo ), EER up to 5.0, reduce CO2 emission to protect earth. 2.Cooling only or cooling and heating for optional. 3.Heat recovery function for optional. 4.Wide range for application.
Domestic Air Source Heat Pump,Split type 3.5W
Refrigeration & Heat Exchange
500 USD
1.Convenient:Intelligent remote controller,with simple key operation.Displays error code when having problem,easy for maintenance. 2.Simple installation: rooftop, balcony, yard or basement can be suitable places for the installation. 3.Quiet
Domestic All in one type heat pump,DBT-3.0l-200
Heat Pump Water Heaters
800 USD
Features: 1.Safety:water and electric separately. 2.Simple installation:Compact design(Main unit and water tank),DIY installation is available to saving costs.
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