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The name of our Saline which is known to have started its salt production in the beginning of the 18th century during the era of Selim III -28th Sultan of Ottoman – was given as Kaldırım Saline during the era of Sultan Abdulaziz – the 32nd Ottoman Sultan - in 1862 and a state monopoly was started to be implemented in Salt by a “Salt Ordinance” enacted in the same year. . Where the name "Kaldırım (Pavement) Saline" comes from: A road was constructed on both sides (Şereflikoçhisar-Kulu) of the Salt Lake using pavement stones in the lake to facilitate the passage of the people living there and then the name of our saline has been given as “Kaldırım Saline”. Today, it continues its business life as "Koyuncu Kaldırım Salt Enterprise" combining its experience coming from the past with the technology of today successfully and as the leader of the Turkish market. Salt was only being used as the nutrient and additive until the chemical industry was developed in the 19th century. Now it constitutes one of the major raw materials of chemical industry. Salt is now used in all the fields of agriculture, animal feed, animal health, tree cares and weeding, snow and ice removing in the traffic. In the industry, the salt is an indispensable input of many sectors from conserve making to fertilizer production, from leather making to cosmetics, from enamel making to textile, from paint industry to drug making and food.
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