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Astek is an international service and Marketing orientation manufacturer on power supplies in Taiwan. Our core products are switching wall mount & desktop adapters, open frames, battery chargers, travel chargers, medical powers & chargers and vehicle/car chargers. Also, we carry out the developing and designing with customerize solutions. Our sales and R&D teams are with over 10years of experiences on projects and promotions. When getting the inquiries, we study and examine the specifications of power and application and provide the right solutions. From off-the-shelf products on the website, you will find out wide output voltages & watts, various mechanical types & safety approvals and newest efficiency (ex: DOE VI) & environmental regulations (ex: REACH and ROHS). Before the deliveries, the powers are 100% burn-in tests and other strictly quality control.
Company Products
ATA120 DOE VI Adapter
Battery Chargers
ATA120-S12-z 12V/8.33A ATA120-S15-z 15V/8A ATA120-S19-z 19V/6.32A ATA120-S24-z 24V/5A ATA120-S30-z 30V/4A ATA120-S48-z 48V/2.5A z: 14=C14, 06=C6, 08=C8
ATA090 90W DOE VI adapter
Laptop Adapter
ATA090-S12-z 12V/7.5A ATA090-S15-z 15V/6A ATA090-S19-z 19V/4.74A ATA090-S24-z 24V/3.75A ATA090-S30-z 30V/3A ATA090-S48-z 48V/1.875A ATA090-S56-z 56V/1.607A
ATA036 36W DOE VI adapter
Computer Power Supply
ATA036-S12-z 12V/3A 150 ATA036-S24-z 24V/1.5A 150 ATA036-S48-z 48V/0.75A 240 ATA036-S56-z 56V/0.64A 240 z: 14=C14, 06=C6, 08=C8
APA012 wall mount adapter
Camera Chargers
APA012-S03-z 3.3~8V 2.8A 15W APA012-S12-z 9~17.9V 2.0A 18W APA012-S18-z 18~30V 1.0A 18W APA012-S48-z 30.1~48V 0.598A 18W z: U=US, E=EU, A=Australia/New Zealand, B=British, K=Korean, I=Interchangeable, 08=C8
APA024 24W wall mount adapter
Video Game Player Chargers
APA024-S03-z 3~4.5V 3A 15W APA024-S07-z 4.9~7.000V 3A 20W APA024-S09-z 7.1~10.5V 2.85A 24W APA024-S15-z 10.6~15V 2A 24W APA024-S18-z 15.1~21V 1.6A 24W APA024-S24-z 21.1~30V 1.14A 24W US,EU,AU,UK,Korea,travel plug
ATP045 45W open frame
Other Power Supply Units
ATP045-S3.3 3.3V/6A/19.8W ATP045-S05 5V/6A/30W ATP045-S09 9V/4.2A/37.8W ATP045-S12 12V/4.2A/50W ATP045-S15 15V/3A/45W ATP045-S24 24V/2.1A/50W ATP045-S48 48V/1.05A/50W ATP045-S56 56/45W
ATP200 200W open frame
Video Game Player Chargers
ATP200-S12 12V/13A/156W 204W ATP200-S24 24V/7.5A/180W 216W ATP200-S48 48V/3.8A/182.4W 240W ATP200-S56 56V/3.57A/200W 250W Small Size: 3" * 5" footprint design
ATP150 150W open frame
Industrial Power Supply
ATP150-S12 12V/10A/120W ATP150-S15 15V/10A/150W ATP150-S19 19V/7.9A/150W ATP150-S24 24V/6.25A/150W ATP150-S30 30V/5A/150W ATP150-S48 48V/3.2A/153.6W ATP150-S56 56V/2.7A/151.6W
120W dual output volts open frame
Switching Power Supply
ATP120-05D12 5V/1.0~6.4A/1.0~10A/11A 12V/0~4.0A/0~6.0A/6.6A Dual output voltage open frame Small Size: 3" * 5"* 1.34" footprint design
ATP060 60W open frame
Industrial Power Supply
ATP060-S05 5V/8A/40W ATP060-S09 9V/6.67A/60W ATP060-S12 12V/5A/60W ATP060-S15 15V/4A/60W ATP060-S24 24V/2.7A/60W ATP060-S36 36V/1.8A/65W ATP060-S48 48V/1.36A/65W size2" * 4"* 1.02"
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