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Country China
Address weinan, West Dongfeng Dajie Road,Weinan High Technology Industrial Zone,Shaanxi
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TID Technology Development was founded in 1989,After 20 years developing ,TID Products covers hot line tool,telescoping hot stick,telescopic hot stick ,sectional hot stick , ajustabel hot stick,telescopic pole,extension pole ,fuse extracting rod ,telescopic measuring rod ,telescopic operating rod ,telescoping insulation stick,telescoping measuring and discounnect stick,telescoping discounct tool and fuse tool,tele-o-pole hot stick ,fiberglass fuse extracting rod,telescopic links,segmented hot stick,fiberglass rod,GRP rod,FRP stick, fiberglass insulation rod, FRP dog bone F class, FRP dog bone H class, Fiberglass corner bar, FRP cross arm ,Fiberglass cross arm, Fiberglas fuse tube, fiberglass stay insulator and cast fitting and flange, forged fittings and flange,stainless fittings and flanges and aluminium alloy fittings and flange , ductile iron fittings and flanges , ploymer insulator end fittings, post insulator fittings, line post insulator fittings , porcelain insulator cap and pin,glass insulator cap and pin,power line fittings and so on.
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Distribution Dead End Insulator 11kV -66kV
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1.Polymer Insulator Character: 1.1high mechanical strength; 1.2Good performance of hydrophobicity and anti-pollution; 1.3 Excellent electrical Performance; 1.4 Small volume and light weight. 2.TID polymer Insulator Character´╝Ü 2.1 We adopt the advanced inje
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