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Company Products
High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Waste Management
5000 USD
VTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier can satisfy the installation or maintenance field of transformer for pumping air into vacuum state, and at the same time complete the transformer oil degassing, dehydration processingg.
Mobile Transformer Oil Purification Plant
5000 USD
DVTP Double Stages High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant has a high pumping rate of two-stage vacuum system, a unique degassing, dehydrating function, using the most advanced three-dimensional double-flash technology.
Waste Hydraulic Oil Filter Flushing Machine
5000 USD
VHF Hydraulic Oil Filter Flushing Machine includes vacuum type and trolley type. Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Filter Flushing Machine is used in addition to vacuum separation of water in the vacuum heating oil temperature reaches 60 degree.
Vacuum Turbine Oil Filter Machine
5000 USD
Series TOP Turbine Oil Filter Machine is special designed for turbine oil, lubricating oil and cooling oil to removing a large amount of moisture and impurity. Such as power plants, power station steam turbine in the process of running, moisture, dust.
Transformer Dielectric Oil Tester
Other Analysis Instruments
We has developed DST transformer oil tester according to International standard IEC156, which is developed especially for measurement of insulating oil breakdown voltage. The dielectric breakdown is an indication of the oil ability to withstand electrical
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