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BRMachinery Trading LP specializes in the sales of second-hand machinery from the Baltic Region. We have more than 25 years of experience and deliver excellent quality used metalworking machines and presses (Stanko, Ryazan, Sedin, Aida, etc.) to our clients globally. Our history goes back to 1992, when a metal processing company JSC Formateka was established in Lithuania. The main fields of activity were sales of second hand machines and presses as well as manufacturing of press-forms and dies (for moulds and stamps). Successful development of the company as well as rapidly expanding customer base led to corporate reorganization. In 2016 a company was divided into two independent companies: JSC Formateka that focuses on metal processing and manufacturing and BRMachinery Trading LP that specializes in used machinery trading. Deep knowledge of metalworking machinery as well as consideration of customers’ needs enables us to bring the supply and demand of used machinery industry together. We have well established connections with machinery dealers from Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.), Asia (India, Iran, Korea, China, etc.) and North America (USA. Canada, Chile). Our expertise, reputation and integrity can be verified by numerous loyal customers and business partners.
Company Products
Gear hobbing machine Stanko 53A80K
Other Metal Processing Machinery
6000 EUR
Year of manufacture 1985  Max. work piece diameter, mm 800  Max. diameter of worm wheel hobbed, mm 800  Max. diameter of spur wheel hobbed, mm 800  Max. diameter of helical wheel with helices hobbed, mm 500  Module 10  Table diameter, mm 630
Air forging hammer Stanko MB 412
Other Metal Processing Machinery
1900 EUR
Manufacturer: Manufactured by Kuibyshev(Russia) Year of manufacturing: 1980 Nominal weight of falling parts, kg: 150 Energy of impact, Kj: 2,5 The greatest number of impacts in a minute: 190 Ram axis-to-frame distance, mm: 350 Working zone daylight, mm: 37
Jig grinding machine Hauser 3SMO
Other Metal Processing Machinery
4800 EUR
Made in Switzerland, YOM 1988, travel X/Y 400/250 mm, table size 595 x 320 mm, 2 axis DRO, weight 2100kgs, price 4800 EUR.
Screw-cutter Ryazan Lathe 165
Other Metal Processing Machinery
7500 EUR
Manufacturer: Ryazan YOM: 1975 Distance between centers: 2800mm Max. work piece diameter: 1000mm Centers height: 500mm Max. work piece diameter above support: 650mm Max. work piece weight: 5000 kg Max. diameter of processed bar: 80mm
Radial Drilling Machine MAS VR 4
Other Metal Processing Machinery
2300 EUR
YOM 1975, dia. 40 mm, length 1250 mm., weight 3,5 tons. Price - 2300 EUR.
Sheet-stamping high speed press Kosice-Schuler A2-200 360
Other Metal Processing Machinery
26000 EUR
Manufacturer: Kosice-Schuler Year of manufacture: 1990 Capacity, ton: 200 Distance between columns, mm: 1450 Table size, mm: 1350 x 1100 Slider size, mm: 1250 x 900 Slider travel, mm: 30 Distance between slider and table, mm: 400 Table thickness, mm: 180
Screw-cutter lathe 165
Other Metal Processing Machinery
7500 EUR
Manufacturer - Ryazan Year of manufacturing 1970. Work piece maximum diameter 1000 mm; work piece maximum length 2800 mm. weight 12,5 ton,Price 7500 EUR
Centerless Grinding Machine Schaublin ESO 400
Other Metal Processing Machinery
6500 EUR
YOM1979 mini/maxi in-feed diameter: 0.5-30 [mm] - maxi part length by in-feed grinding : 300 [mm] - mini/maxi plunge grinding diameter : 0.5-40 mm - maxi part length by plunge grinding : 125 mm - grinding wheels: 400 x 125 x 203.2 [mm] - feeding grinding
Trimming press Hasenclever
Metal Processing Machinery Parts
14000 EUR
Manufacturer: Hasenclever YOM: 1950 Capacity: 600 ton Stroke: 400mm Table: 1300 x 1100mm Table thickness 300mm Slide 1050x1200mm. Shut height 1500mm Video working press avalable price 14000 EUR FCA Talin,Estonia
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