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Henan G&D Chemical Products Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise, which is a collection of science, manufacturing and trade. Uphold the “integrity is the basis, quality is the most important, provide the best service to customer” development philosophy, welcome friends to visit us! Experienced R & D and production team Our product development is advanced by engineers and experts, who has more than 10 years of valuable experience. We manufacture Hydrocarbon resin. According to the requirements from customers, we could provide the technical support and product research. Stable Quality and full models of products We manufacture petroleum resin 30,000MT per year (Include C5 aliphatic petroleum resin,C9 aromatic petroleum resin, Aliphatic/Aromatic copolymerized hydrocarbon resin and other specialized hydrocarbon resins). Young and professional marketing team We have 20 sales staff. Face our dream, we are full of passion! Face the difficulties, we don’t flinch! We will create the Maximum value of Win-Win for our customers by our Professional knowledge of products and a wealth of marketing experience. We are young! We are professional! Mature sales network More than 70% of our products are sold to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and other countries or regions.
Company Products
C5 Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin Used in Adhesives
Other Petrochemical Related Products
Light colored and transparent granule Make the initial adhesion performance; cohesive strength and peel strength reach the best balance Super aging resistance performance Used in Hot Melt Adhesive, Solventborne Adhesive, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive,Rubber
C5 Aliphatic Petroleum Resin used in Hot melt Road Marking Paint
Other Petrochemical Related Products
This kind of C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resin is applicable for hot melt road paint, which can enhance the tenacity, hardness and adhesive force of the paint, then form smooth paint surface, and could keep its stability in different temperatures of seasons
C9 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Resin
Other Petrochemical Related Products
C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resin is not used alone, but as promoters, regulators, modifiers used with other resin. Used in rubber, paint, adhesives, ink
C5C9 Copolymerized Hydrocarbon Resin
Other Petrochemical Related Products
59C Series Copolymerized hydrocarbon Resins has low acid value, good miscibility, waterproof, ethanol resistance and chemical resistance and other characteristics of acid resistance, can be used in adhesives, paint, ink, rubbrt, tyre
C5 Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin C5 Water White Resin
Other Petrochemical Related Products
C5 hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin is easily dissolved in organic solvents such as benzene and toluene etc; Also could be dissolved in water. It can be used in adhesive industries, paint, packaging materials, construction industries.
DCPD Hydrocarbon Resin Cycloaliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin for Rubber and Tyre
Other Petrochemical Related Products
DCPD hydrocarbon resin has a good softening and reinforcement properties in rubber mixing process, can enhance the ductility and peel resistance of rubber compounding. Can improve the stickiness of raw rubber
DCPD Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin Cycloaliphatic Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon
Other Petrochemical Related Products
GD-DH series hydrocarbon resin is water white DCPD hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin derived from cyclic ingredients. DCPD hydrogenated petroleum resin is designated to tackify for a variety of adhesive polymers including EVA, SIS, HMA, HMPSA, SBPSA.
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