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Wenzhou Power Toys Co., Ltd was established in 2003 with registered capital of RMB7 million. Starting from early 2008s, this company has been dealing with importation and exportation. Armed with solid professional knowledge, well-developed business technique, empirical import and export experience and insightful comprehension of the international market, this company has achieved a leading position in some specific business fields in the Chinese market. Main production: fans articles,sport horn,football horn,vuvuzela,air horn etc.The 2010 World Cup in South Africa,The 2014 World Cup in Brazil,2012 UEFA European Championship,France's euro 2016 There are our products,I hope that the next World Cup or European championship can cooperate with,whatsApp:18058318383
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Air horn,sports horn,football horn,Vuvuzela horn
Football & Soccer
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Air horn,sports horn,football horn,Vuvuzela horn
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