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Shandong AEM Auto Engineering Co.,Ltd specialed on Auto relevant solution in China. We design and produce kinds special vehicles,including Transport Vehicles,Construction Vehicles,Special Purpose Vehicles. There are kinds of Auto Parts and Components,such as Engine and Engine parts. And the Auto Diagnostic and Maintenance Machines,including Common Rail Injector and Pump Test Bench,Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench,Fuel Nozzle Tester,etc.
Company Products
12PSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench
Diagnostic Tools
3800 USD, 3600 EUR, 25600 CNY
CHARACTERISTICS: 1. Main motor frequency conversion adjust speed(0~4000 r/m adjust) 2. Small value of reduction of speed, large output torque 3. High measurement accuracy 4. The function of overvoltage, overload and short circuit
High Pressure Common Rail Pump Test Bench
Diagnostic Tools
7000 EUR, 52000 CNY, 7600 USD
1.Injection testfrequency::50~3000rpm 2.pulse width :0.1~200ms 3.Continuous injection times:0~1000 4 Fuel temperature:40±2℃ 5 Rail pressure:0~2000 bar 6 Test oil filtration accuracy:5μ 7 Input power:three phase 380V/three phase220V 8 Test speed:0-4000rpm
Common Rail Injector Tester
Diagnostic Tools
5800 USD, 5400 EUR, 38500 CNY
1.Oil supply pressure: 0-200Mpa 2.Pressure gauge range:oil supply pressure: 0-300Mpa Air pressure: 0-1.6Mpa 3.Graduates: 150ml/24piece 4.Volume of diesel fuel tank:4L 5.Input source: 0.8Mpa 36L/Min 6.Input power: Alternating current 220V/50(60HZ)
Fuel Injector and Nozzle Tester
Diagnostic Tools
100 USD, 90 EUR, 680 CNY
It is used to adjust and calibrate the injection nozzle opening pressure and to carry out leakage, spray pattern and chatter characteristic tests. For nozzle size R, S and T. In basic design with 0-40 Mpa (0-400 bar) pressure gauge.
Turbocharger Balancing Machine
Testing Equipment
4000 USD, 3700 EUR, 27000 CNY
Industrial control computer 19 "LCD color screens Widows Chinese and English system double choice With GB-2000 general microcomputer balance measuring system Automatic program-controlled amplifier module
Car Carrier Flatbed Wrecker
Tow Truck
28000 USD, 26000 EUR, 190000 CNY
1.Digestion and absorption in the United States and Britain tow truck technology design and manufacturing 2.Key components with finite element stress analysis (CAE) 3.Important parts adopt high quality carbon steel rectangular tubes
Container Carrier Transport Semi Trailer
14000 USD, 12000 EUR, 92000 CNY
Container Carrier Transport Semi Trailer 20ft,40ft and 45ft containers Flatbed and Skeleton type container transport semi trailer Payload: 40 ton
Road Recovery Wrecker Tow Truck Body Parts
Truck Body Parts
30000 USD, 28000 EUR, 20000 CNY
Road Recovery Wrecker Tow Truck Body Parts include: platform,whee-lift,boom,hydraulic winch and wirerope,hydraulic control system,sub-frame,etc.
Transmission Drive Shaft Dynamic Balancing Machine
Testing Equipment
6000 USD, 5600 EUR, 42000 CNY
This series balancing machine is an ideal euipment for a car to balance and check the drive shaft. Just replace the installation of the workpiece fixture, you can make a variety of automotive drive shaft of the balancing correction
Road Recovery Wrecker Tow Truck
Tow Truck
90000 USD, 86000 EUR, 600000 CNY
Road Recovery Wrecker Tow Truck,including flatbed wrecker,integrated tow truck,rotator tow truck. It could tow and lift car,trucks,bus,tractor,semi trailer,etc.
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