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O-LEADING SUPPLY CHAIN (HK) CO.,LIMITED strives to be your one stop solution partner of EMS manufacture, including PCB design , PCB fabrication and PCB assembly (PCBA).We providing some of the most advanced PCB technology and convenient services applied in the industry: HDI PCBs, Super long PCBs, Rigid-Flex PCBs, Quick Turn PCBs, medium & mass Production, full turn-key assemblies , In general, our global customers have following impressions of our services: quick response, reasonable price level, top customer perspective, quality commitment. Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing O-LEADING provided stable and reliable PCB manufacturing solution to over 1,000 customers from all over the world.Our products range from 1 to 32 layers, We are your expert of PCB fabrication and providing advanced PCB technology products as below: • Super long PCB • Higher layer count PCBs • Rigid-Flex PCB • HDI PCBs • Heavy copper • High-frequency PCB PCB Assembly In O-leading, the entire PCB Assembly process including components purchase, PCBA mount and soldering, detection online, overall measurement is available to the customers, whose whole project cycles will be shortened effectively. Using your design, we orient individual parts on the PCBs and solder the assemblies together, returning finished PCBs to you. • For assembly only, you provide all the parts needed for the project; we provide the labor. • For Partial Turn-Key assembly, you provide what you can; we obtain the rest of the parts and then provide the labor. • For Full Turn-Key assemblies, you only need to provide the design; we obtain all parts including the bare PCBs and provide all labor. Quality Services O-Leading’s efficient and professional marketing and customer service teams provide a full range of quality services , We fully take customer’s different needs into accoun • Medium & Mass Production • Feedback quotation within two hours • Ensure timely and accurate delivery • Quickturn prototype service
Company Products
Hard gold,HDI pcb Printed circuit board, china pcb manufacture
Multilayer PCB
HDI pcb Printed circuit board, china pcb manufacture Layer count: 18L materials: M6 Board thickness: 3.0+/-0.3mm Finishing Size: 210x395.2mm Min Line w/s: 3.2/3.5mil Min drill size [FHS/DHS] : 0.20mm/0.30mm Plating AR DHS : 11.7:1 Hard gold thickness: 4
Counter sink holes PCB, PCB Assembly, OEM manufacturer in China, high TG ma
Rigid PCB
Counter sink holes PCB, PCB Assembly, OEM manufacturer in China, high TG materia, 1.6mm board thickness, Immersion Gold Printed circuit board PCB Specifications: Material: FR4 TG180 Thickness: 1.6mm Layers: 2L Surface finish: Immersion Gold Outer Layer C
4-layer 2oz Peelable Mask PCB
Other PCB & PCBA
4-layer 2oz Peelable Mask PCB 1. PCB P/N:2876414 2. Layer: 4L 3. Base material: FR-4 4. Board thickness: 1.6mm 5. Final copper: 70um 6. Surface finish: Immersion gold, Au: 3u” min. 7. Solder mask: Green 8. Profile: Routing + v-cut 9. E-test: 100% fixture 1
6Layer FR4 TG170 2.4mm ENIG PCB
Multilayer PCB
6Layer FR4 TG170 2.4mm ENIG PCB 1. PCB P/N:842378 2. Layer count: 6layer PCB 3. Material: FR4 TG170 4. board thickness: 1.6mm 5. Copper thickness: 1OZ 6. Solder mask: green 7. Silkscreen: white 8. surface treatment: ENIG 9. Applications: Consumer electroni
4Layer with heavy copper 3OZ used for industry control from China
Multilayer PCB
00 USD
4Layer with heavy copper 3OZ used for industry control from China Base material: FR4 Layercount: 4Layer Copper thickness: 3/3/3/3oz Board thickness: 2.0+/-0.18mm Minimum hole size: 0.15mm Minimum line width: 3mil Minimum line spacing: 3mil Surface finishin
ultra thin rigid pcb with 0.15mm board thickness
Double-Sided PCB
00 USD
Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells Pcb, 2layer rigid PCB with red soldermask and thin board thickness 0.15mm Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland) Model Number:Security system assembly Base Material:FR4 Copper Thickness: 1OZ Board Thickness:0.15mm Min. Ho
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