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As a leading global supplier of highly engineered paper machine clothing, HUATAO continues to proudly serve pulp and paper mills. Our world-class technology, experienced applications engineering teams continue to deliver documented value for our customers. With our innovative patented product portfolio of fabrics, felts, screen services, HUATAO continues to provide paper mills with tailored solutions designed to optimize the performance of paper machine clothing and reduce costs.
Company Products
Paper making press felt
Paper Processing Machinery Parts
20 USD, 130 CNY
Papermaking felt are durable products that go through a roll press along with paper to remove water from the wet web by absorbing the water without damaging the sheet. In the press section of a paper machine, water is removed from the newly formed sheet.
Paper making forming fabric
Paper Processing Machinery Parts
20 USD
Paper making forming fabric are designed to retain as much fiber components as possible, while allowing water to drain through them. Forming fabric can be divided into single layer, 1.5 layer, double layer, 2.5 layer, triple (SSB) layer. Which applicable
Paper machine dryer screen
Paper Processing Machinery Parts
20 USD
Dryer screen dries paper web after passing a press section by adhering the web to a steam heated cylinder. In the dryer section of paper machine, the paper sheet travels around large-diameter heated cylinders, remaining water is removed by evaporation.
Single layer forming fabric
Paper Processing Machinery Parts
20 USD
In single layer forming fabric, the warp, during weaving, is composed of yarn which is referred to as MD yarn. In order to make endless loops, fabrics are joined by connecting the warp yarn at the end of each fabric. HUATAO uses automated seaming machines
Spiral link dryer screen
Paper Product Making Machinery Parts
20 USD
Polyester/synthetic spiral link dryer screen can be divided into small loop, medium loop, and large loop. The dryer screen was manufactured according to Finland product standard which has stable quality and long work life.
Triple layer forming fabric
Paper Product Making Machinery Parts
55 USD
Multi-shed triple layer forming fabric (SSB) suitable for making quality print paper, tissue paper, news print paper and cigarette paper etc, mainly used for high speed former paper machines. Our triple layer forming fabric allows us to better differentia
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