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Zhonglan Industry Co.,Ltd. is a leading fine chemical products manufacturer in China, established in 1996. We have four filiale and one state-level technology research center, devotes itself to the production of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates. The main products are more than 20 kinds. Our featured products: glyoxal, glyoxylic acid, hexamine, glycolic acid, disodium edta, tetrasodium edta, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid etc. We have passed through the ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certificate and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification.As for Food-grade certified products, we have HACCP, Halal and Kosher accredited and adheres to GMP standards. So customers can purchase our products rest assured, and our products will make your clients satisfying. Besides, our company started to focus on exporting from 2009. Yet, we have exported our fine chemical products to more than 50 countries around the world. During that time, we formed a mature oversea business trade team, which can provide better service for foreign customers. There are more than 50 professional sellers in our exporting department, different sellers specialized in different products and markets to offer our best service to you. For fine chemical products ,Zhonglan industry is your best choice.
Company Products
Disodium EDTA
Organic Salt
10 USD
Content%:99.0 % min Chloride( Cl)%:0.005 % max Sulfate(SO4)%:0.03 % max Metal chelate(Pb)%:0.001 % max Iron(Fe)%:0.001 % max Chelate,mgCaCO3/g:267 min pH Value:4.0-5.0 NTA%:1.0 max Bulk density kg/m3:850-1050
Organic Salt
Content % 99.0min Chloride(Cl)% 0.01max Sulfate(SO4)% 0.05max Metal chelate(Pb)% 0.001max Iron(Fe)% 0.001max Chelate: mgCaCO3/g 220 min pH Value(10g/L,25℃) 10.5-11.5 NTA% 1.0max Bulk density kg/m3 700-950 Appearance white crystal powder
Organic Salt
Content% 99.0%min Chloride(Cl)% 0.01%max Sulfate(SO4)% 0.03%max Metal chelate(Pb)% 0.001%max Iron(Fe)% 0.001%max Dry and loss(103-107℃)% 0.2%max Chelate : mgCaCO3/g 339 min NTA% 1.0%max Appearance White crystal powder
Glycolic Acid 70% 79-14-1
Organic Acid
Appearance Colorless to light yellow liquid Purity 70%min Chloride(Cl) 10ppm max Sulphate(SO4) 100ppm max Iron(Fe) 5ppm max Plumbum(Pb) 1ppm max Chromium(Cr) 1ppm max
Glycolic Acid 99% 79-14-1
Organic Acid
Appearance Colorless or white crystal Content(C2H4O3) 99.0%min Clarity experiment Pass Water Insoluble 0.01%max Residue on ignition 0.05%max Chroma(Hazen) 5max H2SO4 experiment(darkened Substances) Pass Chloride (Cl) 0.0005%max Sulfates ( SO4) 0.005%max
EDTA-ZnNa2 14025-21-9
Organic Salt
EDTA-ZNNA purity % 96.5min Chelated zinc Purity % 14.5-15.5 PH value 6.0-7.0 Water insoluble matter 0.1max CAS No.: 14025-21-9 Molecular Fomula: C10H12N2O8ZnNa2•2H2O Appearance White powder
EDTA-CuNa2 14025-15-1
Plant Growth Regulators
EDTA-CUNA purity(433.7) %  99.0min Chelated copper % 14.5-15.5 PH value 6.0-7.0 Water insoluble matter % 0.1max CAS No.: 14025-15-1 Molecular Fomula: C10H12N2O8CuNa2•2H2O Apperance blue crystal powder
EDTA-FeNa 15708-41-5
Plant Growth Regulators
Molecular weight: M=421.09 Molecular Fomula: C10H12N2O8FeNa•3H2O Appearance: Brownish yellow or light yellow clean powder Fe  purity % 13.0min EDTA purity % 65.5-70.5 PH 3.8-6.0 Water insoluble matter 0.1max Appearance Brownish yellow
EDTA-CaNa2 23411-34-9
Plant Growth Regulators
Molecular Fomula: C10H12N2O8CaNa2•2H2O EDTA-CANA  purity %  92min Calcium chelate purity% 9.5-10.5 Water insoluble matter % 0.1max Apperance White powder
EDTA-MgNa2 14402-88-1
Plant Growth Regulators
Molecular Fomula: C10H12N2O8MgNa2•2H2O Molecular weight: M=394.55 EDTA-MGNA  purity % 94.5MIN Magnesium Chelate % 5.5-6.5 PH value 6.0-7.5 Water insoluble matter 0.1MAX Appearance White crystalline particles
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