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Address Xian, The 30th Floors,Kaixuan Massion,Xuanwu Road West,Weiyang District Xian City,Shaanxi Province,China 710016
Phone/Fax 86-029-89161392/86-029-89161392
Xian Chuangjin Electronic technology Co., LTD founded in year of 2013 is professional in researching and providing a series of Pressure/Level/Temperature Transmitter,Sensor,Switch Controller,Flow Meter, Density Meter,Vibration Wire Piesometer,MINI Osmometer,Earth Pressure Cell,Dynamic Strain Amplifier.We offer ODM and OEM service and own ISO9001:2000 Certificate.Pressure Transmitters and Temperature Transmitters are granted CE certificate. These products are also widely used in aeronautical and space,waterway,navigation,petrochemical industry,irrigation works,electric power,coal metallurgy,water supply,natural gas supply,steam and warm supply,medicine and bioengineering etc and scientific research institutions. When there's no standard product to fit your application or cost requirements, simply talk to us about your requirements,both technical and budgetary,and we’ll develop your customer solution, including power supplies, measurement range,output,port type etc,then fully test the system prior to supplying it to you on time,complete and ready to install.Welcome customer from domestic and abroad to inquiry.
Company Products
Dynamic Strain Amplifiers
Other Service Equipment
6250 USD
Model CJ3818D Channels 4,8,16,32,64 Bridge Resistance 60-10000Ω Input Range 0-±50000με Output Range ±5VP/5mA Noise ≤3μV Stability Zero ±0.1μV/℃; ±0.1%/F.S/2h Sensitivity ±0.01%/F.S//℃; ±0.1%/F.S/2h Bridge Voltage 1,2,3,4,10VDC/50mA Gain Steps 100,3
Static Strain Amplifier
Other Service Equipment
6250 USD
cj2533 принимает разумное руководство и высокого качества компонентов, переключатель, заменен электронным выключатель, значительно повысить стабильность и надежность испытания.это может быть широко используется в области преподавания испытания и небольшие
Intelligent Level Transmitter
Level Measuring Instruments
165 USD
Intelligent Level Transmitter Level Transmitter Level Transducer
Intelligent Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Transmitters
100 USD
Intelligent Pressure Transmitter Pressure Transmitter Pressure Transducer
Insert Temperature Transmitter
Temperature Instruments
94 USD
Insert Temperature Transmitter Temperature Transmitter Temperature Transducer
Vibration Sensor
340 USD
Vibration Sensor Vibration transmitter Sensor
Straight Line Displacement Sensors
253 USD
Straight Line Displacement Sensors Displacement Sensors Sensor
Differential Pressure Controller
Other Pressure Measuring Instruments
344 USD
Differential Pressure Controller Pressure Controller
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Flow Meters
1600 USD
Electromagnetic Flow Meter Flow Meter
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