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Top one biggest producer and exporter of Soy Protein Isolated & Soy Dietary Fiber in China. Biggest producer and exporter of Vital Wheat Gluten in China. Henry Guo gjzruixiang(at) Skype: junzengguo Wechat: +8613563020531 QQ: 737239644
Company Products
Soy Protein Isolated
Nutrient Additives
2000 USD
Soy Protein Isolated is a highly refined form of soy protein with minimum protein content of 90% on dry basis.It is Made from NON-GMO soybean,can be widely used in sausage. Henry Guo gjzruixiang(at) Wechat: +8613563020531 Skype: junzengguo
Soy Dietary Fiber
Nutrient Additives
450 USD
Soy Dietary Fiber is a unique, pleasant tasting, fiber product made from the cell wall fiber and protein of the soybean hull. Henry Guo gjzruixiang(at) Wechat: +8613563020531 Skype: junzengguo QQ: 737239644
Vital Wheat Gluten
Nutrient Additives
1500 USD
Vital wheat gluten is a kind of natural plant protein extracted from wheat flour and is also a kind of nutritious plant protein resource consisting of multi-amino acids. Henry Guo Skype: junzengguo Wechat: +8613563020531 QQ: 737239644
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