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.HK-based company with manufacturing in Guangzhou .Focus on Auto safety products'manufacturing and Trading .Low to Mid volume production .Our Mission-----To satisfy our customer’s needs, provide highly professional service and deliver product excellence Yuebiz Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, established in 2012, which focused on the field of GPS Tracker and Speed Limiting device's development, production, sales, installation and service . As a global manufacturer, we have already built 5 production lines and got ISO9001 quality system certification,and concentrated on enchancing our core competencies: on innovations and technically demanding solutions for road safety. If you are interested in our products Click here to send us a message We have someone who tell you Solutions Products .
Company Products
Car GPS Tracker with web based GPS tracking system
Navigation & GPS
30 USD, 180 CNY
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New quad-band upgrade listing Vehicle GPS Tracker
Navigation & GPS
40 USD, 250 CNY
vehicle_GPS_tracker vehicle_GPS_tracking GPS_vehicle_tracker GPS_vehicle_tracking Cargo_tracker Cargo_tracking bus_tracker bus_tracking Container_tracker Container_tracking GPS_solution GPS_Tracking_solution Fleet_Management GPS_Asset_tracker
Multiple Vehicle Tracking Device GPS Tracker
Navigation & GPS
48 USD, 300 CNY
vehicle_tracking_systems Tracker_asset_security Fleet_tracking GPS_Fuel_Monitoring Bus&truck_tracking car_tracking_system gps_tracking_system bus_tracking_system vehicle_tracking_system vehicle_tracker_device car_tracking_device gps_tracking_device
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