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Country China
Address Hengshui, Nanwangzhuang Village, Hengshui, Hebei, China.
Phone/Fax +86-318-5227227/+86-318-5227227
Company Products
Single Gap Joints
Construction Materials Processing
01 USD, 01 CNY
Single gap joints for movements of up to 80 mm are made of a single set of structural steel, rubber sealing strips and dowel rods.
Rubber Bridge Expansion Joints
Construction Projects
02 USD, 01 CNY
Rubber bridge expansion joints made of rubber, steel plate and angle iron are designed to strengthen the bearing capacity of bridges.
TST Expansion Joint
Construction Projects
03 USD
TST expansion joint for movements up to 40 mm has good low-temperature flexibility and high-temperature stability.
Finger Joints
Construction Projects
04 USD
Finger joints are composed by steel finger plates, CR sheet, anchor bolts and other components.
Multiple-gap Expansion Joints
Construction Projects
05 USD
Multiple-gap expansion joints are suitable for longitudinal movements of 80 mm to 1,200 mm.
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