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Country China
Address Yingkou, No.19 Minxinghe Street2,Xishi District,Yingkou,Liaoning,china
Phone/Fax 8618840910493
Yingkou Automate Manufacturing Co.,Ltd established in 2010,located in Station,Yingkou City,Liaoning province and the transportation is very convenient. We are a manufacture of car lift,tire changer and other auto maintenance service equipment for car repair and 4S shop. We got the competitive price for our scientific quality control process rigorous,advanced enterprise information management system and the most advanced production equipment and testing equipment.we are committed to realize the local operation and further improve the terminal maintenance services supply chain through the introduction of technology to serve as the pilot enterprise chain which lead to part of products have an obvious advantage in the international regionalization competition and product iinternational market share increased year by year. We widely absorb advanced experience and newly concept from home and abroad,meanwhile we use international means and requirements to manage enterprise which greatly enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises in domestic and foreign the period of new historical.we will achieve the target of strong quality,strong technology and strong information industry for the company.Take advantage of precious opportunities and new historical leap;lay a solid foundation to build customer idea of the old city. Today,we are full of confidence to make great effort to create and look ahead the future,in order to become a leader of automaintenance enterprise.MT Factory inherit honor and dream to establish a world brand in abundant basis. newone Hi,my name is kira,am from Yingkou Automate Machinery,a manufacter has more than 10 years old experience about car lift.the car lift mainly for vehicle maintenance.may you will interested in our good quality car lift,wish you have a nice day!hope for your kindly reply!
Company Products
Middle-rise scissor lift MT-4000ES
Car Lifts
1100 USD, 900 EUR, 7100 CNY, 4200 TRY, 1850 AZN, 62000 RUB, 32000 UAH
1.Ideal choice for quick tire replacement and simple service alongside of vehicle 2.Surface mounted or movable used, with optional movable kits. 3.Special and practical platform extension design broadens your service scope. 4.Pneumatic release system
Car Lifts
1020 USD, 830 EUR, 6500 CNY, 3850 TRY, 1700 AZN, 57500 RUB, 29400 UAH
Lifting capacity………..3000kg/6600lbs Max Lifting height…………1000mm Min. Height…………………..110mm Lifting Time…………..30S Overall length for platform….1400mm Overall width for platform….1760mm Width between platform……..700mm(optional 850mm) Motor Power…….2.2kw
Motorcycle Lift
Car Lifts
770 USD, 620 EUR, 4880 CNY, 2880 TRY, 1300 AZN, 43250 RUB, 22200 UAH
Low Profile operation platform Front-wheel pneumatic clamp Lifting jack included Adopt hydraulic drive, lifting ability powerful, stable and reliable Mechanical safety lock to ensure that the different height of lift to be in absolute security
portable scissor lift MT-YD2800
Car Lifts
820 USD, 670 EUR, 5200 CNY, 3100 TRY, 1400 AZN, 45800 RUB, 23700 UAH
Lifting capacity:2800kg Lifting height:1200mm Min. height:110mm length:1685mm Width :1000mm Lifting time:30s Motor power:2.2kw Power Supply:230V/110V/400V
Middle-rise scissor lift MT-W3000
Car Lifts
1020 USD, 820 EUR, 6500 CNY, 3850 TRY, 1750 AZN, 57000 RUB, 29450 UAH
Lifting capacity:3000kg Lifting height:1000mm Min. height:110mm length for platform:1500mm Overall length for platform:1940mm Overall width for platform:1910mm(1760optional) Width between platform:850mm(700optional) Lifting time:30s Motor power:2.2kw
Electrical release MT-TP40E
Car Lifts
900 USD, 730 EUR, 5700 CNY, 3400 TRY, 1550 AZN, 50300 RUB, 26000 UAH
Lifting capacity:4200kg Lifting height:1800mm Min. height:110mm Overall height:2830mm Overall width:3380mm Width between columns:2820mm(optional) Air pressure:6-8bar Lifting time:40-50/50s Motor power:2.2kw Tank capacity:12L Power Supply:110V/230V/400V
In-Ground Scissor Car lift MT-SSL3500A
Car Lifts
1300 USD, 1050 EUR, 8200 CNY, 4900 TRY, 2200 AZN, 72600 RUB, 37500 UAH
Lifting capacity:3500kg Lifting height:2150mm Min. height:330mm length for platform:1500-1900mm width for platform:550mm Width between platform:850mm Lifting time:55s-60s Motor power:2.2kw Power Supply:230V/110V/400V Weight:850kg
Ultrathin Small Scissor Lift MT-SL100
Car Lifts
1550 USD, 1250 EUR, 9800 CNY, 5800 TRY, 2650 AZN, 86550 RUB, 44700 UAH
Lifting capacity:3000kg Lifting height:1800mm Min. height:110mm length for platform:1520-2020mm width for platform:600mm Width between platform:800mm Lifting time:50s Motor power:2.2kw Power Supply:380V/110V/400V Weight:900kg
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