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Address zhangzhou, D05, 9Th Bldg., ZhongJun LanWan XiangJun, ShuiXian Avenue, LongWen City, FuJian Province, China
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J. Z. Fruit is a department of ZhangZhou J. Z. Commerce Co., Ltd, who is in the scope of fruits’ export & import. We got the licence of Imp. & Exp. on May 6th, 2016, and got CIQ Licence on June 2nd 2016. At this moment (till Nov. 22nd 2017), our main export item is Pomelo, which are sold to Russia & European & Middle East countries..etc. And, other fruits, which can be exported, are included as bellowing 1.- Pineapple (long season) 2.- Orange (long season) 3.- Lichee / Litchi (short season) 4.- Green Plum / Greengage (short season) 5.- Loquat (short season) You are welcomed to view to learn more about our company & our products’ scope, however pls feel free to contact with us in mail ID: .
Company Products
Guanxi pomelo
Other Fruit
300 USD
The Guanxi pomelo is the local Fruit of Zhangzhou Pinghe County, one of the four famous pomelo in the world, has been more than 500 years of cultivation history. It was listed as a tribute to the imperial court in Qianlong's reign.
Citrus Fruit
Citrus Cultivation has more than 1100 years history in China. The best citrus is in YongChun and Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. Citrus flavor is fragrant and sweet tasting. It is favourable all over the world.
Pineapple is a excellent quality fruit with lot of nutritive value, such as fructose, glucose, vitamin B &C, phosphorus, citric acid and protease.Pineapple can help digestion, improve blood circulation, eliminate inflammation. And, It is beneficial to peop
Other Fruit
FuGong Bayberry have beautiful color and sweet tasting, who is famous in the world. The average weight is about 10g to 15g per piece. Bayberry has a lot of sugar, organic acid, protein, and a lot of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.
Red pomelo
Citrus Fruit
The edible rate of honey pomelo is approx. 76.50%, who has a high nutritional value, E.G. protein, organic acids, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other essential elements, who is more excellent than other fruits.
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