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"i-house Appliance and Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of the Surge arresters and Optical network terminals for CCTV and Telecommunication Industry. Our products include: * Power / Ethernet Surge protector (surge arrester); * GPON / EPON optical network terminals (ONU / ONT); * FTTH FTTX FTTB PON devices Our products are featured by good quality, more durability, and favorable price. Please contact by email or whatsapp id"
Company Products
Fiber Optic Equipment
11 USD
EPON ONU(Optical Network Unit) Conform to IEEE802.3ah standard Support Ethernet service layer 2 switching and wire-speed forwarding of uplink and downlink services * GEPON ONU * ZTE chipset * SFF Module * 1GE port * For FTTH project
Surge protector , Surge arrester, Устройство грозозащиты
CCTV Accessories
12 USD
Устройство грозозащиты Защита от перенапряжений для защиты от перенапряжений видео / Ethernet. Для защиты вашей камеры видеонаблюдения, Surge protectors for the Video / Ethernet surge protection. To protect your CCTV Camera, Computer, Server Room, etc.
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