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We are the manufacture of the portable fence in China, we can supply the best quality goods with low price and short delivery. See the below and know more about our guarantee. Factory guarantee We are the real factory in China, you can visit our factory at any time. Our main product is portable fence, which can divided into a lot of kinds, such as the welded portable fence, chain link portable fence, event portable fence, portable pool fence, stage barrier, portable fence gate, police barrier and other kinds of products. Service guarantee We are dedicated to offering a completely professional service. When you first get in touch with us, we will give the timely response. All of our service staff are professional, we can present you with available option and specifications, and we are more than happy to discuss your specification requirements in details and gain an understanding of your needs. During the period when we are dealing with the order, we will keep in touch with you and inform the latest production progress. After we delivery the goods, we will tell you the detailed information about the shipping date and other informations. We will pay a return visit when you have received your order, so that we can know what we can do to make our service better. Price guarantee We supply only the best quality goods but we are in low price. How we can achieve it? We are the factory, there are a lot of orders in the whole year, so we will purchase large number of materials. In the purchase period, we will try our best to get the special discount of the material to save cost. In the production process, we have skilled workers which can guarantee the working efficiency and low consumption. There is no any middle agent, which can add the price of the products. So we are confident that the price is low and reasonable. Besides, if you have a large order, we may give you the special discount. Quality guarantee We can guarantee the quality of our portable fence and confidently supply our customers the best quality goods. We use only the best quality materials. All of our materials are purchased from manufactures widely recognised in China market. We have strict quality control. All of our workers are skilled. We don't use the machine in welding process. All of the products are welded by hands, which can assure the high strength and durability. We have specialized managers are working to maintain and check quality during the production process. Before delivery, all of the products will be test and only the qualified products can be delivered and loaded. Package guarantee All of the products are packed by professional workers and machines. we can assure the products are intact when the customers received. The common package method are the waterproof plastic bags and pallet. The products are packed perfect and stored in fixed positions for awaiting the loading and delivery. Delivery guarantee We have large stock of materials, skilled workers and specialized package workers, all of them can guarantee the delivery time. We also have large stock of the standard specifications of the portable fence, so we can delivery as soon as possible to fit the emergency order. Technical support guarantee We have specialized team for supplying the technical support. We can supply the professional suggestion for you. When you received the products, or when you are installing the products or whenever you have any problems of the products, just contact us and we will solve it as soon as possible. If you want to know about our products, you can contact us via We are looking forward to cooperating with you.
Company Products
Welded Portable Fence
Steel Wire Mesh
Welded portable fence - practical choice to construction sites The welded portable fence is made of high quality steel wire strands and welded together to form a high strength mesh. The welded mesh is fully welded to the frame and form a strong portable fe
Chain Link Portable Fence
Steel Wire Mesh
Chain link portable fence is an effective solution for construction sites, domestic building sites and vacant blocks of land. It is an system which contains the fence panels, clamps, crossing bars, feet, bracing and other accessories. Chain link portable
Australia Portable Fence
Steel Wire Mesh
Australia portable fence is made of carbon steel wire and welded or woven together to form a high strength mesh. The mesh is welded onto the steel frame and then hot dipped galvanized for a corrosive resistant surface. The Australia portable fence is combi
Canada Portable Fence
Steel Wire Mesh
The Canada portable fence is made of galvanized steel wire and square pipe. They are welded together and then powder coated or painted to form a durable structure. The fence panel is connected by the top coupler, metal feet and other accessories to become
Crowd Control Barrier
Steel Wire Mesh
Crowd control barrier is made of high quality carbon steel frame and then hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated. The corrosive resistant surface ensures the long service life. Crowd control barrier is designed to meet the required safety standard to gove
Portable Fence Gate
Steel Wire Mesh
The entranceway is essential and necessary to be installed in any sites. But for the temporary site, the vehicles may enter the sites to stay overnight and the traffic may be higher overall. So, the portable fence gate are necessary for the site. There are
Portable Pool Fence
Fencing & Edging
It is essential to set up the portable pool fencing when you are constructing or renovating a pool. In Australia, there is clear law to rule it: all pools must have temporary pool fence at all times during the build process. Anyone who ignore the regulatio
Event Portable Fence
Steel Wire Mesh
he event portable fence is designed for special events and crowd control. It is an attractive and cost effective solution for temporary and permanent crowd control.
Stage Barrier
Steel Wire Mesh
The stage barrier is made of high quality iron steel and aluminum. The barrier provide a safe working area for security workers or medical personnel at the front of stage area. Also it can keep the audience safe and secure and reduce the possibility of acc
Police Barrier
Steel Wire Mesh
Police barrier is a heavy duty steel barrier which is stronger than a standard crowd control barrier but not as imposing or heavy as a stage barrier. The barrier has a unique interlock system that make it impossible to dismantle the barrier .
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