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Country China
Address HANGZHOU, Zhenxing Road 15, East A zone, Shangyu economic and technological development zone, Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Province
Phone/Fax 0575-82971873/575-8272-6957
Cashem Advanced Materials Hi-tech Co.,Ltd, which has 54,000,000RMB registered capital, was established in 2010, it becomes the first company to specialize in manufacturing PMI foam in China. Now Cashem has the ability to produce 3000 m³ PMI foam every year, the second phase of the project which can provide 5000 m³ capacity is under construction.
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Cascell® WH foam core has been specifically designed for aerospace application, such as fairing and middle section of launch vehicle. It can also be used in back pressure frame of large civil plane due to its excellent mechanical properties. In the helicop
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