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Address HengShui, No.6, HuaFuXiJie, Western Industrial Zone, RaoYang County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China.
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Founded in 1994, Hebei Keshi Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. has been around for two decades. We have been in this field and engaged in researching and creating special horse panels for livestock farmers. During these years, we have gained rich experience and spent a great deal of time perfecting our products till our customers are satisfied. We use the highest quality steel materials in producing corral panels, portable horse panels, shelters, horse panel feeding racks and the attachments. Most of our customers are satisfied with our products and you can be assured that we are one of the best.
Company Products
Horse Panels
Other Construction Machinery
16 gauge steel diameter with square, round, oval pipes Horse panels, or corral panels are made from heavy duty galvanized steel tubes, which are welded together by vertical posts and horizontal rails to form a sturdy structure.
Portable Horse Panels
Other Woodworking Machinery
Portable horse panels are a sort of lightweight horse panels mainly made from low carbon steel and mild steel materials. Portable horse panels are usually connected with trailers, which is ideal for traveling, going camping, horses shows in arenas.
Welded Wire Horse Panels
Barbed Wire
Welded wire horse panel - 4/6 Gauge wire 2" �� 4" opening Welded wire horse panels, also known as welded wire corral panels or welded wire horse corral panels, are formed with 16 gauge galvanized steel tubing and 4, 6 gauge steel wire welded together.
Horse Panel Feeding Rack
Barbed Wire
Horse panel feeding rack, also known as modular feed barrier, is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel tubing shaped in round pipes and oval pipes. The feeding racks are designed with vertically welded pipes.
Horse Panel Shelters
Barbed Wire
Horse panel shelters provide horses a cool shade and protect them from sunshine & rain in summer or snow in winter. Horse panel shelters have sturdy structure to withstand strong exterior breaking force. The shelters can be stable or permanent.
Horse Panel Gate
Barbed Wire
Except for the horse panels, you may need horse panel gate to be used combined with horse panels. As a professional manufacturer of horse panels, we can also supply you all kinds of horse panel gates for you.
Cattle Corral Fence
Barbed Wire
In Australia or all over the world, lots of pasture or farms need a security fence for their sheep, cattle or horse. They need the security fence be long lasting and removable.
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