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Company Products
CFFQ-50 Small Paper Slitter Rewinder
Packaging Machinery
Technical Parameter Unwind width 410mm Unwind diameter Ф 500 mm max. Rewind diameter Ф 450 mm max. Slitting width 13.5 mm min. Speed 1-100m/min Unwind roll clamping by air expanding shaft Rewind rolls clamping by air expanding shaft Tension control Closed-
CFXG-5002High Speed Paper Straws Machine
Packaging Machinery
Paper Layer 3 layers Inner Diameter 5-12mm Wall Thickness 0.3-1mm Stable Speed 1-40m/min. Winding Nose Two noses single belt Machine & parts Painting Length fixing Encoder Speed Control By Inverter Cutting System Multi-blades; 5 pcs online Synchronism trac
material machine
Packaging Machinery
This Machine is suitable for producing different sizes ofpaper straws, such as 5mm; 6mm; 8mm, 10mm etc. 1. Adopted with PLC controller, main motor is equipped with variable frequency speed regulation, touch screen man-machine interface.Easy for parameter
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