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Company Products
W-TEL cable Free Breathing joint Closure
Fiber Optic Equipment
03 USD
can be used in outside plant,underground,aerial,pedestal and direct buried applications.The device allows for direct jointing and bifurcated jointing.It also protects fiber optic splices from the elements while providing fast and easy no-cost reentry
W-TEL IP67 OLT telecom equipment electrical outdoor cabinet enclosure
Fiber Optic Equipment
550 USD
Maily used in the field of traffic, CATV, electric power etc.Can be used under different conditions: gale, rain, snow, hail, frost, smog and solar radiate etc.The main part of the cabinet is made of magnesium and aluminum alloy .
W-TEL- telecom network server data cabinet 6U 9U 12U 16U 22U 24U 42U
Fiber Optic Equipment
300 USD
Suitable for installing and placing the 19” standard equipment and the equipment of metric and ETIS standards. OEM design from 2U 4U 6U 8U 12U 15U 18U 22U 24U 26U 28U 32U 36U 42U 48U 52U in capacity.
W-TEL industrial outdoor electric cabinet air conditioner
Fiber Optic Equipment
250 USD
W-TEL Air Conditioners are designed for strict climate control in cabinets with temperature-sensitive electronic or telecommunications equipment. The closed loop cooling systems maintain a clean internal environment ensuring optimum performance and maximum
W-TEL outdoor telecom cabinet use industrial heat exchanger
Fiber Optic Equipment
300 USD
Integrated by heat exchanging system and intelligent monitoring system. It can eliminate heat passively through the automatically started heat exchanging system with changing of temperature inside if the equipment, thus temperature inside the equipment can
WTEL- outdoor telecom 200W 300W 500W 48VDC peltier TEC cabinet thermoelectr
Fiber Optic Equipment
200 USD
W-TEL Peltier TEC 200 is a compact cooling system designed to remove excess heat from electronic equipment such as batteries in small enclosures thereby prolonging product service life in the enclosure.
W-TEL optical fiber distribution frame 12F 24F 48F 96F 144F 256F ODF
Fiber Optic Equipment
05 USD
it is used in center office, optical cross connection point and network access point in fiber access network projects to realize the fiber fusion, fiber optic cable distribution, management and protection
W-TEL optic fiber distribution cross connection ODF DDF
Fiber Optic Equipment
450 USD
it can be used in the XPON connection to install optical fiber splitter, to compose a integration system of connection,
W-TEL telecom Dynamic power environment monitoring System
Fiber Optic Equipment
300 USD
This is a small high-reliability environment monitoring unit developed to provide environment/device control and remote monitoring for communications base stations, integrated equipment rooms, and out-door cabinets.
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