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Company Products
Rotary Tiller For Farming And Agricultural
Other Agricultural & Gardening Tools
This machine is mainly applicable for harvesting wheat, rice, beans, and reeds. It also can be used to cut all kinds of forage grass.It can be worked in small piece of field, mountain land and hills, etc. It is safely,easy to operate, easy-moving.
Other Agricultural & Gardening Tools
This machine is mainly used to harvest rice, alfalfa, buckwheat, canola, wheat, pasture, medicinal materials and other crops with a plant height of 0.4-1.2 m. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, light and flexible, reliable use.
The application of hay baler machine
Other Agricultural & Gardening Tools
The hay baler machine/straw bundling machine is widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry. It can collect and bundle green grass, straw, wheat stalk, corn stalk, wheat/ rice straw, grass, corn straw, pasture straw bale, etc.
Other Agricultural & Gardening Tools
Type: Sprayers Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) Model Number:170F-22A Sprayer Type: Pump Material: Metal Metal Type: Stainless Steel Usage: Garden, Agriculture, Garden Machine size(cm):75x37x39 Plunger no .&dia(mm).&stroke:3x22x16
Rotary Rake
1.As a tedder: it can spread and flip the green-cut materials and withdraws, for drying evenly. 2.As a rake: it can collect teh dried materials into lines fro balers to pick up and pack them.
Seeding machines
Other Agricultural & Gardening Tools
1) one time completion of trench opening, seeding, covering and formation pressing 2) with its own power seeder, it is suitable for large-scale operation and can be seeded on the ridge 3) compact planting of small seeds has the best effect
Sweet Corn Harvester
Other Agricultural & Gardening Tools
1) Longitudinal axle flow cylinder, able to reap wheat, rice, beans and corns with efficient threshing. 2) 4-shift speed regulation device and adaptive to harvesting various crops. 3) Intelligent warning system, able to supervise such key parts.
Rotary Tiller Cultivator For 40hp Tractor
Other Agricultural & Gardening Tools
Rotary tiller with side gear transmission, it can be mounted with the tractor 12-100 hp. We can't see the wheel tracks on the soil after it worked. The quality of the rotary tiller is good and the function is very well.
rice planter
Other Agricultural & Gardening Tools
Packaging Mode: standard export package  Delivery Time: Within 15-25 working days after payment
Other Agricultural & Gardening Tools
Structural features: Simple structure, easy to use, and can be operated after being properly connected with the tractor.Convenient operation: column distance, line spacing, random adjustment of transplanting depth, compatibility with a variety of crops.
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