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Address dongying, No. 280, Nanyi Rd,257091
Phone/Fax 0086-13395461263/86-546-8300482
Website [email protected]
With years of business increase, our products covers: Architecht glass, smart pdlc glass/intelligent glass, smart pdlc film, tv mirror glass/Two way mirror glass, Tempered glass, Laminated glass, Aniti-bacteria glass, Silver mirror, Glass Blocks, etc.. For any business help, pls call us today at +86-133965461263 Or email us at ebinternational2(a) dot com.
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EBGLASS Dimmable smart film,pdlc film,switchable privacy film,smart tint
Other Auto Electronics
01 USD
EB GLASS BRAND China Smart Glass/China smart film/China smart pdlc glass/ China pdlc smart film/ China pdlc glass/China smart tint/ w: e:ebinternational2(a)126 dot com Mobile: 0086-13395461263(whatsapp/wechat )
ebglass white pdlc film for office partition,smart film,electric privacy fi
Building Glass
10 USD
projection screen film/ China electronic film/car smart tint/switchable car tint window Website: e:[email protected] Mobile: 0086-13395461263(whatsapp /wechat )
ebglass tv mirror glass,mirror tv,bathroom mirror tv,magic mirror hotel
Building Glass
10 USD
hidden television mirror, hidden TV , mirror tv, mirror tv sales, tv behind mirror, tv installation, tv lift, tv mirror, wall mounted tv EB GLASS Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat:0086-13395461263 Email: ebinternational2(a)126 dot com Skype: ebinternational2
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