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Company Products
GPS Tracker
Other Auto Electronics
300 USD
Overview: Engin CMSE-V2 Advanced GPS Tracker is a security product based on GPS, GPRS and GSM network. It can send car�s coordinate to your mobile phone, lock/unlock your car, disconnect fuel circuit, voice monitoring, send SOS, manage your car online, con
Keyless Entry
Other Auto Electronics
300 USD
Overview: Engin PKE-100L Smart Passive Keyless Entry System adopts global top RFID technology. It has the same design and quality with the luxury vehicle of Benz S600 and BMW 7 series. With its extremely high performance, compatibility and stability, more
Rear-end Collision Avoidance System
Other Auto Electronics
Overview: Engin Rear-end Collision Avoidance System is a device to warn car behind in advance when emergency brake happens. It integrates forecasting, electronics, dynamics, human engineering and other technologies. During high-speed driving, this system c
Window Closer
Other Auto Electronics
Overview: Engin GS-SW Specialized Window Closer is a popular product for convenience. After the driver leaves the car and remotes the door locked, the windows will be closed up one by one. You don�t have to worry about forgetting or not to roll windows up.
Push Start & Remote Start
Other Auto Electronics
300 USD
Overview: Engin PKE-100P Can-Bus Push Start & Remote Start Keyless Go System is designed for some world popular car models. With assistance of the whole system, you just need to put the smart key inside your pocket, including entering, starting, stopping a
Smart Start
Other Auto Electronics
300 USD
Overview: Engin Start Master LUXURY is an associated smart start and tracking system. The whole kit is composited with PKE-100P Can-Bus Keyless Go System�and�CMSE-V2 Advanced GPS Tracker. With convenience of the whole system, you can easily manage your car
7 inch Round LED Headlights
Other Auto Electronics
Easy plug and play installation Reduce Glare when Driving at Night 2 Year limited lifetime Warranty OSRAM LED Chip Military grade Free Custom Inner Bezel Color No Product Return For Three consecutive years Premium performance high-output LEDs Surpass
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