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We are speciallized in Screen filters like Privacy film for Monitor or Mobile , Eyesight protection film and functional film like Sunlight protection film & Navigation film since 1994 in Korea. We are looking for reliable distributors worldwide. If you are interested in, please contact us by email.
Company Products
Privacy film for Monitor
Screen Protectors
Provides distinct & clear screen when viewed from front of the screen but turns black at 30 degree from either side of the screen, while user can see the screen clearly when viewed from the front, to ensure the protection of personal information.
Privacy film for Mobile
Screen Protectors
Turns black when viewing at 30 degrees either side or 30 degrees 4-way (left,right,top,bottom). So, customers can use laptops or mobile phone in the bus, subway and public station without anxiety.
Eyesight film for Monitor
Screen Protectors
Nano-Carbon filter inserted into film blocks spreading harmful wave or scattered light and transfers straight information light only to the eyes to protect user's eyes.
Sunlight protection film
Driver can see outdoor clearly within range of view, however, can't see indoor from outside as the sunlight above driver's eye level is blocked. Accordingly, the sunlight out of viewing angle is blocked and don't allow coming into indoor by forming shade.
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