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Intepon Co. Ltd was established in 2009, specilized in R&D, mass production and marketing fiber optics parts, fiber components, module and sub-assembly, which widely used in telecom, instruments, sensor, laser industry, boi-medical and military etc. The company Headquaters in Hongkong and has China-based factories, with many over ten-year experienced professional managers and engineers, we have been growing fastly and keep up the industry trends. Our philosophy is providing customer with integreated/one-stop fiber optics products with high quality, competitive price and friendly-service, especially with integrity and thankgiving atitude. Our goals are to establish longterm relationship with our customers, serve them with high quality products, reasonable price and fast delivery cycle, so that we come into mutual-benefit.
Company Products
Polarization Maintaining Circulator
Fiber Optic Equipment
The PMCIR is built use for routing light path. Inject signal from port1, the light will transmit into Port2; Inject in Port2, light will rounte to Port3.2. High Isolation Low Insertion Loss High stability and reliability
Polarization Insensitive Fused PM Fiber Coupler
Fiber Optic Equipment
InteOptix use unique fused-pulling technology and setup to process skillfully on the PIPMC, the PIPMC all ports are polarization maintaining fiber, can maintain a certain polar state with designed coupling ratio, it can work both for fast and slow axis.
Polarization Maintaining Fused Coupler
Fiber Optic Equipment
InteOptix uses FBT technique with polarization maintaining (PM) fiber to build the PM coupler (PMC). The couplingratio can be easily adjusted according to customer�s request.
High Power Fiber Collimator
Fiber Optic Equipment
With Inteoptix's End Caps technology,Inteoptix's high power 1064nm fiber collimators are designed especially for the applications of high power fiber lasers,which have been broadly used in domestic and international fiber laser companies.
PM Isolator with Filter WDM Hybrid
Fiber Optic Equipment
The PMIWDM is built based on isolator and thin film filter to fullfill hybrid isolator+WDM function in one single compact package.
Isolator Polarization Beam Combiner
Fiber Optic Equipment
Assembly isolator and PBC/PBS in one compact package. It can combiner two polarization states into one single mode fiber or split single mode into two vertical polarization states, with isolator, it can block backward light so that protect light source.
Isolator with WDM Hybrid Device
Fiber Optic Equipment
The IWDM is built based on isolator and thin film filter to fullfill hybrid isolator+WDM function in one single compact package, it includes two different confugration due to pump direction, "forward pump" and "backward pump".
CWDM Module
Fiber Optic Equipment
CWDM module are cascaded with 1�2 CWDM components. It features wide pass band, low insertion loss, high channel isolation, high stability and reliability.
Fiber Optic Equipment
It's a low cost inline isolator used in < 500mW condition, used for protect light source.
1.25G SFP Transceiver With DDM Function
Other Telecommunications Products
Intepon SFP transceivers support the 2-wire serial communication protocol as defined in the SFP MSA. The standard SFP serial ID provides access to identification information that describes the transceiver�s capabilities.
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