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Продукты компании
High Precision Portable CT PT Analyzer
Кабели Инструментовки
16000 USD
GF1061 portable CT PT analyzer is mainly used for field or lab testing, it can finish the measurements (M) and protection (P) class CT, PT and TYP class CT. Adopt 7 inch touch TFT LCD, self-equipped mini type printer supporting field printing; supporting t
Clamp Outdoor Split Core Current Transformer
Кабели Инструментовки
135 USD
Split core current transformers may also be used as an isolation instrument transformer so that secondary quantities may be used in phase shifting without affecting other primary connected devices.
Medium Voltage Split Core Current Transformer
Кабели Инструментовки
130 USD
New magnetic material is taken to be the core of the current transformer, which has high magnetic permeability, low saturation magnetization and good stability. Therefore, the measuring accuracy is higher and the instrument security factor is lower.
Current Transformer Split Core
Кабели Инструментовки
128 USD
Current transformers typically consist of a silicon steel ring core wound with many turns of copper wire as shown in the illustration to the right.
1000A Oscilloscope Current Clamp Probe
Кабели Инструментовки
160 USD
In electrical and electronic engineering, a current clamp is an electrical device with jaws which open to allow clamping around an electrical conductor.
3000A clamp on ct AC Current Probe
Кабели Инструментовки
159 USD
The Q125B is a high performance clamp on AC Current Probe with excellent transformation and low phase shift. The high quality magnetic core and uniform windings provide for accurate measurements up to 1000A AC/2000A AC/3000A AC.
High Precision 0.1 Class 100A Permalloy AC clamp on ct for Power quality an
Электронный & Вложения Инструмента
129 USD
The round jaw design on the P20 AC clamp on ct along with the high content Permalloy core makes them well suited for power quality analyzer applications where high accuracy and low phase shift along with wide frequency are important.
1000A Circuit Breaker Primary Current Injection Test Set With 5KVA Capacity
Электронный & Вложения Инструмента
3659 USD
TEST-901 primary current injection test set adopts ARM Chip to control its output process and large capacity of toroidal transformers. It is equipped with LCD display and current meter.
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