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Контакт HsiuChi, Liang
Страна Тайвань
Адрес Tainan, NO.6,Lane71,Sec.2,JINHUA RD.,South Distr
Тел./Факс +88662617750/+88662617751
Established in 2008, Taiwan K-lite Industry Co. Ltd. engages in the reflex electroform and vehicle LED light development and produce. We are professional manufacturer which provides a total solution including 3D design, tooling produce, test, and product mass production. Taiwan K-lite is professional at vehicle parts designs which include optical, 3D CAD and tooling. We are experienced in reflector and LED lamp development. Now we already own over 500 complete 3D CAD data of lamp in the database. We are one of the few reflector suppliers in the world that is able to produce reflex electroform by our own. Taiwan K-lite owns the know how of reflex manufacture, pin shaping, designing, and plating. Once we accept the project, both flat and customized reflex, we ensure the product get required certificate. Taiwan K-lite equipped with standard optical room, test and experimental equipment, to guarantee every product is hundred percent qualified and meet the consistency of mass production goal. Our plastic injection is also manufacture by ISO9001 certificated factory. Monthly shipment quantities of qualified reflex products have achieved 3 million pieces. And we also supply lamps to motorcycle, truck and bus factory. Customers are all over China region. In Taiwan, there are many motorcycle and lamp factory using our products. Our cooperation items also involve 3D CAD design and reflex electroform. Our product lines include reflex, reflector, auto parts, LED motorcycle lamp and truck light. We provide flat and customized reflex electroform manufacturing, which can be used on road safety product, automobile light, shoes, gifts and toys. The reflector products also apply our own e-form, now we have many different types of retro reflector. Such as motorcycle reflector, truck reflector, pedestrian reflector, optical reflector, bicycle reflector, and cateye road studs. LED light is another main product of Taiwan K-lite. We produce many kinds of vehicle light, like truck lamp, motorcycle light and automobile lamp. The motorbike lamp include head lamp, indicator lighting, winker, tail light. Truck, trailer lamp and bus lamp conclude tail light, side marker, working light, warning lamp and indoor light. Besides the universal light of motorcycle and truck, our car lamps have lots of bumper lamp and DRL, day time running light that fit many car makes. Taiwan K-lite hope to contribute our strong OEM / ODM capabilities and considerate services, to assist customer accomplish development. We sincerely welcome customers to establish cooperation and create a bright future together with us.
Продукты компании
Automobile LED decoration reflector and rear Bumper light
Другие Внешние Аксессуары
04 USD
A507- Auto Parts LED reflector General Specifications Function: Auto Parts/ LED reflector Size: 89X35 (mm) Lens Color : Blue/White/Red LED Color: Blue/White/Red (Any color is available over 500 pcs) Specification: 12V; 18pcs LED
Truck Motor Bicycle Walking Reflect, reflex, reflector
Другие Комплекты Корпуса
02 USD
KC205- IIIA Truck Reflector Function: IIIA Truck Reflector Lens Dimension: △Triangle / LENS(L)160 (H)140 mm Base Dimension: (L)166;(H)145 mm Thickness: 10 (mm); Distance between two hole:125 mm Lens Color : Red
Truck Combination Tail Lamp Indicator Position Stop Back Up Lamp
Другие Внешние Аксессуары
14 USD
Function: Truck Combination Tail Light (Indicator Lamp / Position Lamp / Stop Lamp /Backup Lamp) Size: ψ119 mm (H)36 mm Lens Color : Red / Amber/ Clear Light Color: Red / Yellow/ Clear Specification: 12V/24V; LED back up Light:9pcs (white)
Motorcycle Led Turns Light , Indicator, Tail light, License light
Другие Части Мотоцикла
200 USD
KM318- MOTORCYCLE HEAD LAMP AND POSITION LIGHT Function: MOTORCYCLE LED HEAD LAMP AND POSITION LIGHT Size: ( 7〞)ψ190*D120 mm (With Case and Ring) Head lamp (OSRAM 3W)LED*7 ; 12V; 12W~21W Position light: (OSRAM 0.1W)LED*1 Lens Colo
Electroform Eletroforming, Reflex, Reflect, Reflector
Дизайнерские услуги Инструмента
1000 USD
Reflex- Flat Electroform General Specifications Function: Flat Reflex Reflector Dimension: 106.5 X 107 (mm) Thickness: 10 (mm) Material: Nickel Base type: Flat Base Standards: ECE, SAE, ccc, VSCC
Bus Room light Day Running Light
Другие Внутренние Аксессуары
38 USD
B603- Bus Room Light Function: Bus Room light Size: (W) 470 (H) 25 mm; Mounting: hole: ψ6 mm/ Spacing:438 mm Lens Color : Clear LED Color: Clear Specification: 12V/24V; LED:1W*12 Standards: DOT
Roadway Safety, road stud
Комплекты инструментов
02 USD
KT203- Plastic Road Stud cat eye Function: Plastic Road Stud cat eye Dimension: 102 x 102 X 18 (mm) Color : Amber / Clear / Red Reflector Material: PMMA Crust Material: ABS Specification: One side/ two sides
Truck Bus tail light, Side Marker
Другие Внешние Аксессуары
24 USD
T112- Truck Combination Tail Light Function: Truck Combination Tail Light (Indicator Lamp / Stop Lamp /Backup Lamp) Size: (W)413.8 (H)151.7 (D)40 mm / illuminationψ125mm Lens Color : Red / Amber/ Clear
Truck Combination Tail Lamp Indicator Position Stop Back Up Lamp
Другие Внешние Аксессуары
14 USD
Function: Truck Combination Tail Light (Indicator Lamp / Position Lamp / Stop Lamp /Backup Lamp) Size: ψ119 mm (H)36 mm Lens Color : Red / Amber/ Clear Light Color: Red / Yellow/ Clear Specification: 12V/24V; LED back up
Bicycle Walking Reflect Reflector
Комплекты инструментов
00 USD
Function: Bicycle Reflector (Wheel) Size: 114 x 27.5 mm Thickness: 51 mm Lens Color : Amber/Clear Lens Material: PMMA Base type: Double side reflector; Side mount Standards: USA, UK, Australia, Japan
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