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Контакт xueyan, wang
Країна China
Адреса AnPing, Industrial District, Anping County, Hebei Province, China.
Тел./Факс +86-318-82268546/+86-318-82268548
Safety Gratings Come with Five Types for Any Use Founded in 1983, Mengke Safety Grating Co., Ltd. has established a reputation for supplying high quality safety gratings and courteous and knowledgeable service. For more than 30 years, we have been focusing on manufacturing safety gratings including Traction-Grip, Diamond-Strut, O-Grip and Interlock Grating. They are extensively used in industrial plants and commercial areas where pedestrian traffic is heavy. Although our company has been built for 30 years, it has been widely recognized as partners by our customers from many countries. There are two important points between the long business relationships: high quality products and business supports in all aspects such as price and delivery time. Our policy is to "Do What's Right for The Customer". From sales to engineering to production, our employees are motivated and compensated on the fact that we are a team. You will find a different level of service at Mengke, because we look forward to serving your needs.
Продукти компанії
Diamond-Strut Safety Grating
Diamond-Strut safety grating provides maximum slip-resistance in all directions and used in industrial platforms, walkways, catwalks, stair treads to name a few.
Diamond-Strut Plank Grating
Diamond-Strut plank grating with serrated diamond opening is suitable as industrial walkways, catwalks, stair treads.
Diamond-Strut Walkways
Diamond-Strut walkway safety grating ensures safe walk and work for its diamond opening with serrated surface.
Traction-Grip Safety Grating
Traction-Grip safety grating provides moderate slip-resistance to ramps, stair treads, ladder rungs, flooring and planks of industrial and commercial areas.
Traction-Grip Plank Grating
Traction-Grip safety plank grating consisting of closely-spaced raised buttons provides huge slip-resistance for pedestrian traffic of industrial and commercial areas.
Interlocking Safety Grating
Interlocking safety grating features interlocking flanges which make the installation simpler and faster.
Diamond-Strut Stair Treads
Diamond-Strut grating stair treads feature diamond opening with serrated surface and provide maximum slip-resistance to all shoes.
Diamond-Strut Ladder Rungs
Diamond-Strut ladder rungs are designed with 1-diamond diamond strut grating and provides slip-resistance in all directions and in all weathers.
Diamond-Strut Safety Grating Accessories
"Diamond-Strut safety grating accessories make installation simple and easy. Diamond anchors, anchor plates and splice plates are provided separately.
Heavy Duty Diamond-Strut Grating
Heavy duty Diamond-Strut grating possesses all the benefits of standard diamond strut grating, with larger diamond opening and thicker metal.
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