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Продукти компанії
8-inch wafer cassettes
Other Hardware
405 CNY
Metal Frame Cassette Anti-static material, lightweight, airtight design for wafer protection. Protect single Wafer Frame, and avoid collision. Use to transfer between process and process, can’t use in chemical process.
12-inch wafer cassettes
Other Hardware
300 CNY
12-inch wafer Cassettes are conventional 25 slot metal cassettes used in semiconductor manufacturing operations. They are typically used in areas where wafer positioning is important or where elevated temperatures cause warpage to other carriers. 12-inch w
6 inch wafer carrier
Other Hardware
354 CNY
6-inch wafer carrier manufacturer [DongHongXin] has 15 years of production experience, the first to pass ISO9001 certification, product quality and cheap, welcome new and old customers to come to consult and discuss cooperation!
3528 package slot magazine
Other Hardware
86 CNY
3528 package slot magazine factory direct price integrated molding, hollowing, grooving, surface oxidation processing technology, smooth surface of the box without burrs, size, to help you complete one-stop easy procurement. Product Code: WBF40352-000-R0;
T0220 package slot magazine
Other Hardware
75 CNY
The T0220 package cartridge has been sold for tens of thousands without quality problems. The sharing is strong, and you can buy it and use it on the machine, saving time and effort and worrying. Product Code: WBF40T02-000-R0; Material: 6063 aluminum profi
frame and wire Auto inspection machine
Other Hardware
16633 CNY
In order to reduce the risk of operator touch the wire, Dong Hong Xin development team design the Auto frame(die) inspection machine
Semi-automatic nailing machine
Other Hardware
11890 CNY
The final step of the encapsulated IC is to load the finished IC into the antistatic plastic pipe for storage, and the IC of the filling tube needs to be sealed so that IC will not fall out. At present, many semiconductor packaging and testing enterprises
6-inch wafer ring
Other Hardware
60 CNY
Donghongxin 6 inch crystal ring can be very well fixed in the frame box, so that it can be transported in the production process without the expensive wafers to be damaged, scratches and so on. 6 inch wafer ring material is made of high quality imported st
8-inch wafer ring
Other Hardware
41 CNY
8 inch wafer ring frame can be very good to fix the wafer in the frame box so that it will not be able to get expensive wafers to scratch and scratch the flowers during the production process. Its raw material is made of high quality SUS420J2 material manu
12-inch wafer ring
Other Hardware
73 CNY
Wafer is the basic material of manufacturing semiconductor chips, get it after a long long crystal process silicon rod again after cutting, rolling mill, slice, chamfering, polishing, laser engraving, packaging, is the basic raw materials become integrated
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