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Address Zhengzhou, Xinyuan International Plaza, No. 11, Jianshe West Road, Zhongyuan District
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Our Team Zhengzhou Maierda Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Central China, is a professional supplier of oilfield equipment and accessories. Our factories have more than 15 years experiences of manufacturing oilfield equipment and accessories. Our sales team has more than 10 years importing & exporting experiences in oil & gas industry. Our Products We are specialized in casing accessories and downhole tools: Casing Centralizer, Bow Spring Centralizer, Single Piece Centralizer, Slip on Welded Centralizer, Hinged Non-welded Centralizer, Solid Body Centralizer, Rigid Centralizer, Composite Centralizer, Stamped Centralizer, Casing & Tubing Couplings, Float Collar, Float Shoe, Guide Shoe, Stage Collar, Cementing Head, Cementing Plug, Cement Basket, Sucker Rod, One Piece Centralizer, Sucker Rod Guide, drill pipe, drill collar, Pumping Unit, etc. We are committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective products and services to our customers. Our Services We guarantee and uphold the highest standards in customer service, client satisfaction, and quality product delivery in the oilfield industry. Let’s join hands and work together to create us a better future!
Company Products
API Hinged Non-welded Bow Spring Casing Centralizer
Mining Machinery Parts
10 USD
Zhengzhou Maierda supplies various kinds of Casing Centralizers, such as Bow Centralizer, Bow Spring Centralizer, Spring Centralizer, Hinged Centralizer, Non-welded Centralizer, API Casing Centralizer, API Centralizer, API Bow Centralizer.
Oilfield Accessories Composite Solid Body Rigid Roller Centralizer
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
20 USD
Zhengzhou Maierda are specialzied in Oilfield Accessories such as Composite Centralizer Solid Body Centralizer Rigid Centralizer Roller Centralizer Solid Rigid Centralizer. Welcome to contact us for more.
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