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Country China
Address Shenzhen, No. 8, Lane 1, Xintun East Zone, Longgang District
Phone/Fax +8613902992351/+8675525999959
UIY Inc. was established in 2003 in Shenzhen, China, with the registered capital of 200 million yuan (about 32 million dollars). It is an integrated enterprise, which includes research, production, marketing and service for the civilian and military microwave communications device. The products are sold all over the world. Relying on industrial advantages and excellent professional skills, UIY won reputation and public praise in the microwave communications industry under experienced domestic and international operation mode. The frequency range DC-112GHz and average power up to 20KW, its products are widely used in civil, military, aerospace, space technology and other fields. UIY has always been adhering to the ‘Customer Oriented, Technology Leading, Integrity First, Bold Innovation’ management philosophies, and believe in the ‘Technical advantage is the foundation, market demand is the guidance’. Since its establishment, UIY has been keeping in-depth cooperation and communication with renowned enterprises, institutions, scientific research institutions all over the world, laid the technical foundation for product development and research. During the constant developing and expanding period, UIY kept pursuing for more excellent enterprise quality. Steadily changing from a professional company to a diversified enterprise. Welcome partners from all over the world to cooperate with UIY, to feel the entrepreneurship strength in UIY. Wish to create a beautiful tomorrow with you together! Paraphrase of UIY: become an industry-famous flagship with excellent technology and transmit the language of communications industry with professional attitude, to make technology serve the social development, economic construction, scientific research and military industry, and make UIY become an industrial famous brand recognized, well known and praised by the public, so that it can make more contributions for the development of global communications industry. Enterprise Vision: Make UIY become an international reliable professional brand Operation Philosophy: Customer Oriented, Technology Leading, Integrity first, Bold Innovation As a high-tech enterprise, UIY always takes customer demands as the development direction. It pays attention to the technical R&D and adheres to the philosophy of integrity operation to move ahead during exploration. With the innovative attitude and pursuit of truth, it wins market position and development space for the enterprise. Management Tenet: focus on R&D, constant innovation, self improvement and pursuit for changes, rigorousness and carefulness UIY actively purses for innovation, sticks to the management tenet of self improvement and pursuit for changes, rigorousness and carefulness, and implements the management philosophy of humanistic management, standardization and high efficiency. It always maintains the high market competitiveness and good corporate image during its pursuit for survival and development, thus winning honorable praise for its brand. Core Values: Position potential markets accurately with professional services; Serve wide customers easily with advanced technologies; Win global market with constant innovation; Open the future of communications with successful cooperation.
Company Products
C Band 5500 to 6000MHz RF Surface Mount Circulator 30W SMT
Other Electronic Components
65 USD
Model Number:UIYSC12A55T6 Frequency Range:5500~6000MHz Insertion loss:0.3dB Isolation:23dB VSWR:1.2 Forward Power:30W Reverse Power:30W Connector Type: SMT Temperature: -40~+85℃
RF Surface Mount Isolator UHF Band 1000 to 1200MHz
Other Passive Components
35 USD
Model Number:UIYSI20A1000T1200 Frequency Range:1000~1200MHz Insertion loss:0.4dB Isolation:20dB VSWR:1.25 Forward Power:60W Reverse Power:10W Connector Type:TAB Temperature: -40~+85℃
X Band 8.0 to 12.0GHz RF Waveguide Isolator WR90
Other Electronic Components
150 USD
Model Number:UIYWI4893A8T12 Frequency Range:8.0~12.0GHz Bandwidth: Full Insertion Loss:0.5dB Isolation:18dB VSWR:1.3 Forward Power:100W Reverse Power:30W Connector Type: WR90(BJ100) Temperature: -40~+85℃ Dimension:48*93*42mm
Ku Band RF Waveguide Circulator 15.5 to16.5GHz WR62
Other Electronic Components
65 USD
Model Number:UIYWC3838A155T165 Frequency Range:15.5~16.5GHz Bandwidth:20% Insertion loss:0.3dB Isolation:23dB VSWR:1.2 Forward Power:100W Reverse Power:100W Connector Type: WR62(BJ140) Temperature: -40~+85℃
2.6 to 3.95GHz S Band RF Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter WR284
Other Passive Components
165 USD
Model Number:UIYWTCWR284A26T395SF Frequency Range:2.6~3.95GHz Insertion loss:0.15dB VSWR:1.15 Connector Type (Waveguide):WR284 (BJ32) Connector Type (Coaxial):SMA-F CW Power:100W Peak Power:3KW Temperature: -55~+85℃
K Ka Band 18 to 40 GHz RF 2 Way Power Divider 2.92-F
Other Electronic Components
355 USD
Model Number:UIY2PD2619A18T40KF Frequency Range:18~40GHz Insertion Loss:1.5dB (Split 3dB) Ripple Max:1.0dB Isolation:15dB VSWR:1.7 Phase Unbalance:±6° Amplitude Unbalance: ±0.5dB Forward Power:10W Reverse Power:1W Connector Type:2.92-F Temperature: -40~+8
C Band 4.0 to 8.0 GHz RF Coaxial Isolator N Isolator
Other Passive Components
220 USD
Model Number:UIYCI2536A Frequency Range:4.0~8.0GHz Bandwidth:20% Insertion Loss: 0.3dB Isolation:23dB VSWR:1.2 Forward Power:300W Reverse Power:100W Connector Type: N Temperature: -20~+70℃ Dimension:25*36*18mm
DC-6GHz RF Coaxial Attenuator 100W N-M to N-F
Other Passive Components
85 USD
Model Number:UIYCA100AN6A30 Frequency Range:DC-6GHz Power:100W Attenuation Value:30dB Attenuation Tolerance: ±1.5dB VSWR:1.3 Connector Type: N-M to N-F Impedance: 50Omh
DC-3GHz RF Coaxial Termination 10W N Male
Other Electronic Components
10 USD
Model Number:UIYCT10AN3 Frequency Range:DC-3GHz Power:10W VSWR:1.2 Connector Type: N Male Impedance:50Omh
UHF Band 470 to 477 MHz RF Band Pass Filter 100W N-F
Other Electronic Components
455 USD
Model Number:UIYBPF300170A470T477NF Pass Band: 470~477MHz Insertion loss:2.5dB Ripple in-band:2.0dB VSWR:1.3 Rejection: 80dB@DC~460MHz 80dB@480~1000MHz Power:100W Connector Type: N-F Temperature:-30~+70℃ Dimension:300*170*76mm
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