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addition cure rtv2 liquid silicone for making mold
Other Chemical Auxiliaries
09 USD
YJS-620 is a two-component 1:1 Mix addition (platinum) cured RTV silicone rubber which cures at room temperature. Because of its considerable fluidity, it is recommended for the duplication of models with many undercuts. This stuff is really thin and easy
platinum cure silicone rubber rtv2 for artificial stone molds
Other Chemical Auxiliaries
09 USD
YJS-640 platinum cure silicone is a kind of two part silicone rubber in addition cure or platinum cure type with mixing ratio of 1:1 or 10:1.  It can cure at room temperature as well as under heat. It's a kind of food grade silicone and mainly used for mol
Food grade rtv liquid silicone rubber for candy mold
Other Chemical Auxiliaries
10 USD
YJS-720 two components platinum cured silicone with 1:1 mixing ratio by weight. It is soft food grade silicone, with 20 Shore A hardness, which is suitable used for moulding chocolate  & icing sugar, candy, cakes, fondant.
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