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Country China
Address Haining, 18#,Zhijiang Road,Zhouwangmiao Town,Haining,City,Zhejiang,China.
Phone/Fax 86-573-87473797
Haining HengDian Textile Co., Ltd.Our main products are spandex series products: nylon warp/weft fabric with spandex, warp/weft knitting polyester fabric with spandex, fleece spandex fabric, warp/weft knitting polyester fabric, mesh fabric, and other special processing products. Colorfastness has reached the domestic, international advanced level, all products according to customer requirements for antibacterial, flame retardant, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, moisture perspiration, water, and other multi-functional post-treatment processing. For manufacturers and traders, we provide sports, yoga, running, swimwear, riding clothes, underwear, and fashion fabrics.
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Polyester Spandex Stretch Fabric WPS402
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DESCRIPTION Polyester Spandex Stretch Fabric ITEMNO WPS402 SPECIFICATION 150g/m²*152cm COMPASITION P:92% S:8%
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