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We are Indonesian-based trading company which handling various products for export purpose. We are selling our services and working on commission basis.
Company Products
1400 USD
(HS 390110) Linear Low Density Polyethylene and High Density Polyethylene. LLDPE: film and injection grade. HDPE: film (HMW/ High Molecular Weight), blow molding (HMW), injection and monofilament grade. ISO 9001.
Metallized Film
1750 USD
BOPP film and BOPET film. Material for flexible packaging. Metalizable. Matt, gloss, pearlized, etc.. In roll. ISO 9001. Product of Indonesia. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
Automotive Tyre
50 USD
For passenger car, light truck and truck. Classification: V and W. Conforming to: SNI (Indonesian National Standard), DOT (USA), E-marking (Europe) and Gulf standard (Middle East). Product of Indonesia. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
Cane Sugar
600 USD
Processed directly from integrated cane plantation. Granulation: fine. Color: sparkling white. Moisture: max. 0.04%. Available in retail or wholesale packing. Halal. Product of Indonesia. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
Organic Acid
775 USD
Consist of: crude glycerine (85% glycerol), natural glycerine (99.5% glycerol) and refined glycerol (90% glycerol). Packaging: bulk, flexitainer, etc.. Product of ndonesia. Stearic Acid powder also available. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
Cocoa Powder
Cocoa Powder
3100 USD
Cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, alkalized cocoa powder. Alkalized cocoa powder has fat content: 10%-12%. Nett. 25kg heavy-duty kraft paper bag. Halal. ISO 9001. Product of Indonesia. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
595 USD
Made of tropical wood. 1220x2440mm. Thickness: 3, 9, 12mm. Grade: BB/BB, BB/CC. Standard: MR & WBP. Ply: 3 or 5. Product of Indonesia. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
Canned Beer
23 USD
Type: pilsner, lager, fruit flavored and stout (black) beer. Packaging: nett 330ml aluminum can. Two dozens can in carton box. Alcohol: 5% v/v. Product of Indonesia. Enjoy responsibly. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
Cashew Nut
Cashew Nuts
04 USD
Our cashew kernel (Anacardium Occidentale Linn) is available in various quality: Whole, Splits, Bitts and Pieces. Packaging: tin box. Halal. Product of Indonesia. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
Anti-Dandruff Hair Shampoo
16 USD
Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 330510) With new formula this shampoo able to reduce dandruff up to 99%. Brand: Zinc®. Available in: nett. 200 ml or 330 ml in plastic bottle. ISO 9001. Product of Indonesia. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
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