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Guangzhou Boyi Global Exhibition Co.,Ltd is engaged in professional exhibition .The company is mainly formed by passionate and trustworthy specialists with rich experience in organizing both domestic and international exhibition. � � �After years of organizing exhibition in different industries,we have established close cooperative relationship with event organizers in Germany,UK,US,Russia,Netherlands,Poland,Norway,Brazil,Middle East,India,Vietnam,Korea,ect., and are proud to have accumulated 300,000sqm exhibition area,covering fields of fishery,seafood,fruit,vegetable,foodstuffs,drink,shipbuilding,maritime,gas,oil,energy, logistic,packaging,machinery.
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About FISHEX 2015O
Other Food
888 CNY
China International (Guangzhou) Fishery & Seafood Expo 2015 (FISHEX GUANGZHOU 2015) is conceived and planned to facilitate the international fishery and seafood industries, as well as to provide a platform for exhibition, procurement, trade negotiation, te
Other Food
88 CNY
Exhibition profile: 1?Frozen,fresh ,dried seafood,deep processing seafood,fishery handicraft . 2?preservation technology&equipment,aquaculture equipment&technology,freezing equipment,recreational equipment. 3?seafood processing equipment,packaging equipmen
Guangzhou Fishery Seafood Expo
Frozen Vegetables
3500 USD
Fishery aquatic products, Fresh products, Frozen products, Dry goods, Deep processing aquatic products , Aquatic crafts,Aquaculture technology and equipment,Recreational fishery equipment,Aquatic products processing equipment,Seafood products agent,Fishery
Guangzhou Aquaculture Exhibition 2020
3500 USD
Breeding Equipment,Breeding special pumps, Breeding aerators,Breeding Supplies: High quality seedlings, Aquatic feed,Breeding Technology,Special Breed: Turtles, Toads, Pearls, Giant salamander, Crocodiles
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