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GS-JJ e-commerce website is our latest venture in our effort to offer our quality products and service directly to Designer and end users. U.S.A.: Los Angeles Office address: 20829 Valley Blvd. Walnut, CA 91789 Canada: Vancouver Office address: 5280 Oakmount Crescent, Ste 402, Burnaby, BC V5H 4S1 GS-JJ is to one of the largest manufacturers of promotional gifts merchandise in China, whose mission is offer their customers the best quality products at highly competitive prices and on-time delivery! Our product lines include: Lapel Pins /lapel Pins / Lanyards / Belt Buckles / Challenge Coins / Ornaments / Embroidered Patches / Key Chains / Silicone Wristbands and MORE ...... Telephone :1-888-864-4755 Email
Продукты компании
Simpson custom enamel pins
Старинные Искусственные Ремесла
01 USD
Do you like the cartoon character of the Simpsons? Are there people who are fans of Simpson? Simpson custom enamel pins must have been customized by Simpson fans. Simpson wore purple clothes, a pair of blue shoes and a gray hat. There are two rubber caps o
Potting Custom Lapel Pins
Старинные Искусственные Ремесла
01 USD
Start your Enamel Pins collection with our Potting Custom Lapel Pins. The Custom Lapel Pins is made with a tiptop fine metal, crafted from soft enamel process and is shiny gold plated. Our Potting Custom Lapel Pins makes an excellent gift for your garden p
Rose Custom Lapel Pins
Искусства & Запасы Ремесел
01 USD
"Rose Custom Lapel Pins was full of the sence of romantic and the couple or the lover are won’t miss it. The rose was on behalf of the love always. The different color of rose have different meaning.
Actaeonulysses Lapel Pins
Искусства & Запасы Ремесел
01 USD
"This is an exquisite custom Lapel Pins. Do you like it? On the Actaeonulysses Lapel Pins is a man with a pair of wings, which I guess is a mythological figure in ancient Greek mythology. The background color of the Enamel Pins is gold. The figure on the p
Commemorative Custom Pins
Искусства & Запасы Ремесел
01 USD
"The commemorative custom pins are offers a level of detail and depth not attainable and are designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary. This is a statue of a goddess, A pair of wings on the back, arms in hand. The commemorative custom pins are true 3 dime
Ninja Custom Enamel Pins
Искусства & Запасы Ремесел
01 USD
"Do you like the Ninja Custom Enamel Pins? This Lapel Pins is similar to the royal insignia, which is divided into four parts, each with different animals, and each part with a different background color. In the middle of the lapel pins is a word” L”. This
Custom Doll Enamel Pins
Старинные вещи & Предметы коллекционирования
01 USD
"As a girl, I saw this Custom Doll Enamel Pins in a pair of Custom Pins, really super cute, very suitable for my lovely girl. The Pin Design Online is very cartoon. A girl with long wavy hair and big eyes, dressed in Pink and yellow, with a few Small flowe
Bunny Boy Custom Lapel Pins
Другой Костюм & Драгоценности Моды
01 USD
"Bunny Boy Custom Lapel Pins is the boys enamel pins of our latest couple lapel pins. The boy wear the same bunny suit. And you can see the boy have very strong body. But he face is small and handsome. Our latest couple lapel pins take very unique image de
Chorus Lapel Pins
Глиняная посуда & Эмаль
01 USD
"Chorus Lapel Pins are antique pins that has a music note on it. This is a pin specially made for music chorus. The protruding part is more lustrous, while the concave part is more textured, which is the characteristic of antique custom lapel pins. Chorus
Bat Custom Enamel Pins
Держатели Свечи
01 USD
"Please look at our latest enamel pins, Bat Custom Enamel Pins. Do you like bat? Maybe it will let you think about blood, vampire or tusk. Because we all know the vampire can turn into bat. Then it will flies to hunted the prey. But if you watch the movies
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