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Контакт Angela, Huang
Країна China
Адреса Dongguan , Qiaotou Town
Тел./Факс +86-13825789343
SHEWELL Technology Industrial is famous for its SHEWELL star brand of environmental test equipment in China since 1998. SHEWELL has specialized in climatic test chambers, thermal shock test chambers, walk-in chambers, burn-in room and aging test chambers, drying ovens, salt spray testers, medical laboratory equipment etc. SHEWELL factory is located in Dongguan, covering an area of 5,000 sqm, with over 100 employees including 26 R&D engineers.
Продукти компанії
Climatic Test Chamber for Humidity and Temperature Simulations
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
10000 USD
Introduce Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber is designed for testing the capability of heat-endurance, cold-endurance, dryness-endurance, and humidity-endurance, it is suitable for quality control of the industries of electron, electrical equipment, veh
Programmable Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber
Other Environmental Products
20000 USD
Good appearance; stainless steel is applied for the inner and outside material of the chamber, flat knob without reaction force; easy operation. It can be installedadditional testing holes according to requirements. It adopt touching screen of original Ja
Walk in Temperatyre Humidity Environmental Test Chamber
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
30000 USD
Walk in Temperatyre Humidity Environmental Test Chamber can be used to large components, assemblies and finished products,from computers and copies to automobiles and satellites through a wide range of temperature and humidity environments. Whatever the ap
Altitude test chamber
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
12000 USD
Altitude test chambers combine temperature and altitude with optional humidity for simultaneous environment testing. Features ●External pressure type box body structure and stainless steel tank design, rational air circulation system and scientific layout
Drying Oven
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
3000 USD
Purpose: The company's high-temperature constant-temperature test chamber has a precise temperature control system, and implements the standards: GB / T 11158-2008, GB / T2423.2-2008, which offers various environmental simulation conditions needed by indus
Vibration Tester
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
22132 USD
Vibration Tester with Humidity Temperature Testing Equipment integrated temperature, humidity, vibration of the three functions of the test box.With rapid temperature change rate, temperature, and humidity integrated test environment and the vibration func
Rain test chamber
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
7000 USD
This tester applies for the function test of electronics, measurements, shell, sealed parts under watering circumstances. The cabinet is fully made of stainless steel with transparent observation window, with a turntable for specimen in test cabinet, with
Laboratory used salt spray chamber
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
2000 USD
Laboratory used salt spray chamber can determine the corrosion resistance of iron metal or the iron metal inorganic film or organic film test, such as: electroplating, anode processing, conversion coating, painting, ect.
Sand Dust chamber
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
9800 USD
This product is applicable for the dust proof and resistant test of various auto components and parts including lamps, meters, electric dust proof sheath, steering system and lock etc. It is designed according to GB4706, GB2423, GB7000.1, IEC60529, ect s
Thermal Shock Tester
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
22330 USD
The Machine Description: 1.Thermal Impact Tester is divided into three sections: the high temperature chamber, the low temperature chamber and the testing chamber. 2.High formula memory capacity may be set to 120 patterns.
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